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Buy, Play, and Upgrade – A Raid Shadow Legends Guide

30 April 2024

RAID: Shadow Legends provides an engaging RPG with its array of adventures and gameplay elements, but the level of immersion is not as high. With many different paths to be taken, the choices become numerous, leading to this feeling of being overloaded by the variety of options available. Don’t worry, we’ll take you through the play mechanics of the game at the highest level and you’ll discover many game styles and modes.

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Raid Shadow Legends guide, mobile role-playing game

The Gem Mine: A Steady Reservation of Wealth

It is right at the bottom-left corner of the Bastion that the Gem Mine can be found, serving as your trustworthy source of Gems. While unlocking and fully upgrading this mine requires a significant investment, once accomplished, it provides a steady flow of Gems for the remainder of your journey in RAID Shadow Legends. Unlocking and leveling up of the Mine is a good long-term investment that you will start noticing its rewarding nature after 100 days of playing, as it will be giving you Gems to enhance your gaming experience.

The Great Hall: Enlisting Your Fans as Champions

To the heroes that are looking to upgrade their champions, Great Hall offers them a perfect chance. Players will get the opportunity to spend Medals and Crests on their Champions’ abilities that they can use across different Affinities and game modes.

Arena Medals

Arena Medals are able to function as boosters to increase the key stats like Defense, Attack, HP, Critical Damage, Resistance, and Accuracy of certain Affinity Champions. On the other side, Arena Crests serve as means of the same stats augmentation plus Speed and Ignore Defense that are directly adjusted for Potion Keeps, Dungeon, and Clan Boss Battles. Be the champion of the Arena, battling in different modes throughout the Hall, and fulfill your dream of becoming the owner of the Great Hall.

Champions and Guardian Ring: Bringing Out Talents

The Guardian Ring is the place where all the play mechanics that are helpful in passing levels without spending much time on it, boosting stats for a certain faction, and for the legends, empowering themselves with duplicate copies are gathered.

Each Champion has a specific affinity and there are three affinities: Magic, Spirit, and Force, following the scheme of rock-paper-scissors, with Void as a neutral affinity that is beyond all the others and with no disadvantages or advantages.

Final Overview: Join the Exploration

With this Gameplay Overview, you now possess the knowledge to embark on your journey in RAID Shadow Legends! Acquire Champions, quest for mighty Artifacts, and battle against ferocious enemies, who aim to destroy the realm of Teleria.Happy raiding!

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