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Popular Massachusetts House Styles

post updated February 13, 2024

The state of Massachusetts has been housing its residents since the arrival of pilgrims on the Mayflower in 1620. So, it’s not surprising that the state is populated by a wide range of architectural styles.

Some of the buildings that best show off architectural style includes:

  • MIT Kresge Auditorium – a 1950s leaf-like, copper domed roof theatre
  • MIT Stata Center – a 2004 home for students and faculty of computer, information, and intelligence sciences
  • Community Rowing Boathouse – received a 2014 architecture award for modernizing local rowing structures using the inspiration of covered bridges and tobacco barns
  • Massachusetts State House – completed in 1978 and featuring a distinct golden dome.

When it comes to residential housing, the architecture on display throughout the state is no less impressive.

Being a state rich in history and culture, there are many different house styles prevalent. Driving around the state, you will see different architectural styles that are either historic houses or a revival.

Popular Massachusetts House Styles, USA

April 30, 2022

What are the Most Popular House Styles in Massachusetts?

Colonial House Style

For over a century Colonial has been the most popular architectural style across the state. First developed during the “colonial” period in the 18th century and since then, it’s been a firm favorite of homeowners ever since.

Colonial houses are symmetrical, although modern designs incorporate many modifications devised to cope with the changing needs of modern families.

The different types include:

  • Dutch Colonial,
  • Post-war Colonial, and
  • Federal & Adams Colonial.
  • A gambrel roof house is one feature that makes the most difference among these beautiful house styles.

Modern Colonial homes have a modern flair with open-concept layouts to give a warm and inviting look and feel. It’s also meant to look refined and bright and airy with plenty of windows. Designers use a mix of traditional and modern materials, finishes and furnishings to create a unique environment, including the bedrooms.

A modern Dutch colonial style home will keep the scale in line with neighboring homes but can integrate a second story to the building into the roofline and construct dormer windows for the bedrooms.

This design strategy allows the colonial house to be quite big on the inside while maintaining a scaled-down aesthetic that matches the overall community. Interior rooms can have large windows and extend onto large wraparound porches.

Rockport Massachusetts Home Styles, USA

Cape Cod House Style

This style of house has been a favorite throughout America for many centuries. They are so popular; they can be found right across the country.

Cape Cod houses are usually symmetrical with a steep gable-type roof. Originally, these houses were small in scale with a simple but charming design. Modern Cape Cod homes come with much larger floor space with additional ells and dormers.

Ranch House Style

Ranch houses are designed with functionality, comfort, and simplicity in mind. They are typically single-story houses. The bedrooms, kitchen, and living spaces are all on one level, allowing the residents to move about freely. The roofs are also low and simple, usually cross-gabled, side-gabled, or hip roofing.

If these styles appeal to you, check out this architecture firm in Massachusetts that specializes in many of these house styles.

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Massachusetts Buildings

Massachusetts Architecture Designs

House II, Cambridge MA, Cambridge, MA
Design: Kyu Sung Woo Architects
House II Cambridge Massachusetts
photograph : Jane Messinger Somerville, MA, USA
House II, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Pond Ave Residence, Wellfleet, Cape Cod
Architects: Hundred Mile House
Pond Ave Residence in Wellfleet on Cape Cod
photo courtesy of architects office
Pond Ave Residence in Wellfleet on Cape Cod

Blackstone Visitor’s Center, Worcester
Design: designLAB architects
Blackstone Heritage Corridor Visitor Center Worcester
photo : Chuck Choi
Blackstone Heritage Corridor Visitor Center

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