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Old Buildings Can Have A Lot Of Problems – Guide

post updated 14 February 2024

There’s a certain appeal about old buildings that make them very attractive to people. Not only are they designed beautifully, but they also carry a vintage style that new buildings just cannot match. Simple features in old buildings like exposed brick walls, and pocket doors fascinate a lot of people. Plus, some people prefer to invest in old buildings because of the affordable price range many of them offer.

Old buildings can have a lot of problems

28 August 2022

Old Buildings Can Have A Lot Of Problems: Learn How To Identify Them

However, there are some real risks that come with purchasing old properties. So, whether you’re looking to remodel or renovate the old house, or simply move in right away, there are a few problems accompanying old buildings that you should be aware of. Not all the problems are severe, and can easily be fixed. However, identifying them should be your biggest concern. So, here’s a list of issues that you might encounter when investing in an old building.

1.   Water Damage

Water damage and mold formation are common incidents in old buildings. The damage itself is not just unappealing to look at, but could also compromise the structural integrity of the building, and thus needs serious attention. It is imperative that you check out signs of previous water damage when examining an old building for purchase. Often, the molds are hidden from sight by painting over them, however, the water damage remains in the region, making it susceptible to further deterioration. Plus, hiding the mold growth would do no good because mold is able to grow wherever there’s moisture, organic material, and oxygen.

Moreover, mold can develop in just a few days and continuously create problems for you in the long run. On another note, it is also extremely bad for your health as it causes a ton of respiratory diseases including asthma, rhinitis, and infections. Moreover, water damage is not just limited to the ceiling and walls, but can also affect the wooden furniture present inside the house. And once this happens, wood-boring insects would cause significant damage to the furniture pieces.

2.   Lead Paint

The many attractive features that make old buildings so valuable to people include intricately designed windows or doors. However, these features almost always come with the potential risk of lead paint. While lead has now been banned to be used in paints, it used to be present in every kind of paint back in the day. Paints containing lead were not just used to coat the door, windows, and other woodwork but also metal items like the radiator. And, as you may already be aware, lead is carcinogenic in nature. Either breathing in or ingesting particles of lead can lead to serious health conditions. It not only increases the chances of cancer but also affects the kidney, nervous system, brain, and even the reproductive system.

In the event that the building you’re looking to purchase has had a few coats of paint done over the lead paint, then it shouldn’t be a problem as long as it’s in good condition. However, if you do end up disturbing the paintwork, ensure that you carefully remove the lead fumes and dust particles. To identify if something’s been painted with lead paint, you can observe the unique pattern of paint deterioration. Unlike other paint coats that start peeling off when they deteriorate, lead-based paint often cracks in rectangular positions. If you’re still not sure, you can always contact a professional for help.

3.   Pests

In buildings that haven’t been used for a while or older buildings that offer eaves or small spaces, there’s a much greater risk of a pest infestation. These pests, whether birds or rodents carry a variety of different pathogens that can cause all sorts of diseases. Plus, these wanted pests can also cause serious damage to the structure of the building. For instance, nesting birds can cause damage to the roof by building their nest up there. As a result, damps, leaks, and other roofing issues can arise.

While there’s no hack to identify if a building is infested by rodents or other pests, you can get a routine pest infection to find out the situation of your building. If you live anywhere near Gold Coast, Australia, you should get the most suitable building inspections Gold Coast to make sure your living space is in good condition. If there does happen to be an infestation in your building, you should get professional help to get the pests removed immediately. Do it ASAP, because no one wants a bunch of pests running around the building, as it completely devalues the property.

4.   Electric Connections

One of the most common problems with old buildings is their messed-up electric connections. Things can seem to be perfectly alright at first glance, but a deeper inspection can reveal all the little irregularities around the house. The obvious warning signs of problems in the electric connection of the building would include:

  • Flickering lights
  • Sparking sockets
  • Sizzling sounds from electric outlets
  • Electric shocks
  • Frequent power outage
  • Hot sockets
  • Burning smells

Old buildings can have a lot of problems property

In addition to the above-mentioned problems, old buildings may also have gas leak issues, foundation damage, plumbing problems, outdated features, and rusty fixtures. However, these issues are pretty easy to identify on a first glance basis. For more complex issues, you would need to get the help of a professional, whereas the simpler ones should be easily identified and solved by you.

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