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Michael Giannulis Tells You What to Do to Prevent a Second Wave of COVID-19

18 Jan 2021

We all have adapted to the new normal after the outbreak of COVID-19 and expecting a second wave is scary and disappointing. When the unlock process in place and people returning to normalcy, you need to continue taking all safety measures to prevent the spread of infection. Whether you are commuting to your workplace, doing grocery shopping, or dining out, you need to find safer ways to live a normal life.

Wearing masks and maintaining social distancing is as essential as it was in March 2020. Here is how you can prevent another wave of corona:

Michael Giannulis Advice on Avoiding Second Wave of COVID-19

Mike Giannulis talks about safety measures:

Schools, businesses, entertainment centers, and amusement facilities were closed due to the corona outbreak in March 2020. Then, with COVID-19 cases dipping in these months, schools and other establishments started to function with stringent safety measures like the compulsory use of masks and social distancing. It is important to help you return to normal work, activities, and of course to socialize – see https://thriveglobal.com/authors/michael-giannulis-1

Live in the present

Though times are challenging and you need to stay safe and healthy amid the pandemic, it is better if you stay focused on the present. It is easy to feel uncomfortable and disappointed but understand the difference between what you know and what you need to understand to deal with the situation successfully.

Stay prepared

You need to think of a household plan to stay healthy as well as protect the health of your loved ones. Make sure you have an isolation strategy if any family member is showing corona symptoms and has proved COVID-19 positive.

Adhere to the guidelines

Michael Giannulis stays updated with the latest rules, protocols, and recommendations from the government, state, and city to ensure the prevention of the deadly virus. You need to study the websites that have the guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus amid the pandemic. Study authentic websites for the latest tips, ideas, guidelines, and updates.

Focus on your emotional health

Staying at home for months is stressful but it is essential for your safety. If you have problems like insomnia, lack of focus, or negativity, you need to follow some of the guidelines laid down by the CDC. These include eating fresh vegetables and fruits, exercising daily, catching eight hours of sleep every night, taking part in activities like painting, morning walks, or listening to music, and things that make you feel better or lift your mood. Talk with your family and friends over the phone, video calls, and text messages.

You also need to avoid watching news channels showing content about virus outbreaks, deaths, and loss of income. Focus on the better things in life.

Yet, if you feel anxious or depressed, talk to your physician right away. Follow the same routine and timing of waking up, jogging, eating breakfast, and working, dining, and sleeping. These things will keep you happy and stress-free. Do not think about the pandemic all the time.

Michael Giannulis Tips – Conclusion

Accept the new normal and stick to all safety measures until the corona pandemic is gone for good. Stay safe at home and continue maintaining hygiene.

Michael Giannulis tips to avoid COVID-19 second wave

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