Lossmaking bets or how not to place an a priori losing wager, Picking a goalscorer gambling tips

Lossmaking bets or how not to place an a priori losing wager

5 Mar 2021

Lossmaking bets or how not to place an a priori losing wager

Bettors all over the world are racking their brains over how to avoid mistakes in sports betting. Of course, even professional players cannot completely avoid failures, but it is possible to reduce them. According to statistics, about 95% of bookmakers’ clients lose, and some of them bet on admittedly unprofitable events. Even though the probability of the outcome is a purely subjective matter, bets with a marginal expectation are not uncommon in bookmakers’ range. Let’s take a look at the main mistakes players make when betting on sports.

Betting on the favourite’s victory

The most common mistake newbies make is playing against underdogs. By keeping with the principle that you can regularly win and withdraw funds when betting on a strong opponent, you doom yourself to failure. Due to excessively low odds, you will not be able to bolster your pot. Just one draw can not only reset your winnings to zero but also yield a loss. That is why it is not recommended to bet on outcomes with odds 1.1-1.3.

Picking a goalscorer

There are several options possible when choosing a bet on a football player who is supposed to score in the upcoming game. Besides predicting whether a specific player will hit through the opponent’s net, the gambler can also guess the number of goals he can score, and whether the ball will be scored with his head or foot.
Some bookmakers offer such bets for all main players, but more often the line contains the names of several strikers and attacking midfielders. If the bet is placed on a player who did not make an appearance on the field, the bookmaker will make a refund.

Goalscorer wagers are attractive due to their high odds. Most often, they are 8-16. Those footballers who are in good shape and score goals regularly are an exception. Bettors can significantly raise their finances in case of success. If we estimate the probability of an outcome with odds of 15, however, it will be only 6.6%.

Own goal betting

Although the players kick the ball into their own goal quite often, it is not enough to predict such an event and make a bet. Experienced bettors will never put money on such an outcome. The odds for this option are always high, which means the probability of owning a goal is negligible. Further developing this field, bookmakers also offer the chance to pick a team that will score an own goal or the time when the “unexpected” may happen. It does not increase the probability of an own goal, however. The only exception is match-fixing.

Penalty prediction

It is said that you can increase your pot using a strategy of betting on penalties. This cannot be denied, since professional football players are awarded a penalty kick every 3-4 matches. The probability of winning 25% is a good reason to place a bet. Moreover, the odds in bookmakers’ lines are about 2.20-2.50. Only a thorough analysis will help not to go through the pot over a long period of gambling. When choosing such outcomes, one should not forget that the human factor plays an important role. Much depends on both referees and players, who are not always caught on violations or dives.

Combinations of bets

It is also considered a bad idea to wager several events at once. We understand here, to cite an example, a bet on total and half/match or outcome of the meeting. Even betting on one outcome, the gambler can lose. Two combined predictions for a game at once increase the risk of failure even more. Besides, bookmakers often undervalue the odds for such outcomes, so if a decision has already been made, it is better to split the options by placing two bets on two separate coupons.

Parlays: is it real to hit the jackpot right away?

A huge number of players naively expect to win a decent amount at a time. To achieve this, they bet on several events at once. When they multiply the odds, the potential winnings look impressive. If a bettor placing a parlay has previously analyzed two chosen events, his chances of winning are just slightly reduced. But if there are 5-10 matches in your coupon, then winning becomes an exception to the rule, according to the theory of probability. Collecting all “dead certs” into an accumulator, you are committing several blunders at once, that will prevent you from increasing your pot.

You are not obliged to make losing bets. The same is stated in the recommendations accumulated on the bookmaker-ratings.com portal. Players can read helpful tips from experienced bettors and avoid common betting mistakes.

Bets on random events are among these. One should not bet randomly when the line is so diverse and allows one to choose a more likely outcome. There is no need to turn sports into a lottery and bet on the first player to get a yellow card, or will it be the corner or free-kick first. This also includes predicting the team to start the game. All of these are examples of bets that “burn” players’ money.

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