IT courses to help you be a great IT expert

IT Courses to Help You Become a Great IT Expert, Information Technology Tips, Architecture

IT Courses to Help You Become a Great IT Expert

New Career Skills: Information Technology Education Article

25 May 2019

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PrepAway Presents: IT Courses to Help You Become a Great IT Expert

If you are planning to advance your career in the field of Information Technology, the IT courses are some of the great ways to start. It doesn’t matter whether you aim at professional development, new career, or new skills, the IT courses are the best tools to help you become more competitive and highly valuable for your potential employer.

These tutorials will equip you with skills and knowledge you need to kick-start your career. There are many academic institutions all over the world that offer these courses to the students. Thanks to technology, distance is no longer a barrier to taking the course of your choice from any institution. The IT trainings can be taken through the online platforms (e.g. PrepAway) or through the traditional classroom education.

The IT courses cover numerous topics, such as hardware, software applications, business applications, programming, design, security, artificial intelligence, medical records, databases, and so many others. Many academic institutions offer their trainingon a flexible schedule to allow the students residing in other countries, especially in the case of the online learning. The courses last from weeks to years.

You can choose those that will earn you a certification or diploma at the end of your studies. In case you are considering taking the IT courses to advance your career or develop your IT skills, you can be assured that there are numerous programs that you can choose from. To help you make an informed decision, we have highlighted some IT courses and the online platforms offering them. It is important to note that the list is not exhaustive as there are hundreds of sites offering the training courses that you can explore.

  • ITIL Foundation

The ITIL Foundation training course is designed to prepare the candidates for the ITIL Foundation exam. The course is online, and it is aimed at providing the participants with knowledge of the key terminology, elements, and concepts that will enable them enhance their career potentials and their ability to function within the workplace.

The individuals taking the course will learn all about the lifecycle phases and the links between the phases, the different methods used and how they add to practices of service management. The trainingis a distance learning and self-paced program, which allows the students to adapt the learning process to their work and personal schedules. The course is offered by the Knowledge Academy and it is accredited by BCS. It is open to everyone, and there is no prerequisite for signing up.

  • Systems Administrator Collection

This is a collection of the different certification courses you need to start a career in the Information Technology industry. The course collections involve globally respected and recognized credentials, including, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Linux+, CompTIA Server+, MCSA: Windows 10, MCSA: Windows Server 2012, MCSA: Windows Server 2016, MCSE: Mobility, and MCSE: Productivity.

The training is designed for any professional who is interested in learning of IT. The course is perfect for beginners and intermediate-level professionals looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in the IT system administration or support. It is an online program and it is self-paced. The course is offered by the Learning People online platform.

  • IT Administrator Course

The IT Administrator course is designed for the professionals starting a career as IT administrators. This training will provide you with the strong foundation you need to perform in your role and also help you develop specific specialization. It covers every aspects of networking, cybersecurity essentials, software, and hardware basics.

Going through this course will give you a general understanding of the IT field and equip you with the skills needed to start a career in the industry. The IT Administrator course is offered online and can be studied at your own pace. It affords a flexible time, and you can go over the course materials at your own convenience and as often as you want in order to enhance your study process. The online training is offered by StudyOnline247.

  • IT Security Bundle

The IT Security specialty is believed to be one of the fastest growing fields and the most profitable career path in the Information Technology world. Organizations are putting security as the priority on their list of requirements, which makes the professionals with expertise and skills in the field very valuable. With an IT security competence, you can easily get a high paying job and progress your career in a fluid movement.

When you go through this course, you will have access to various materials. It is an instructor-led training that is offered in a flexible manner with 24 hours and seven-day access to the course content. As part of the package, the students also have access to exam simulators to help them prepare for any certification test they want to write. The course is offered by the IT Training World.

  • Ethical Hacking & IT Security

Offered by Of Course, the Ethical Hacking & IT Security course is designed to equip you with the tools you need to function as a master ethical hacker. In the course of the program, you will learn and understand the methodology utilized in penetration systems. It will help you understand the process of performing penetration test on web applications, and you will learn how to gather relevant information regarding your target. In addition to this, you will also know about the penetration testing procedures and also gather insight into the principles of web application security.

Becoming an IT expert – Final thoughts

In addition to various courses, it is advisable to take practice tests before your real exam date. The PrepAway website is full of materials for different exams and certifications. Go to the web pageand download the actual tests. Their usefulness is evident. Practice will make you more confident and help concentrate on the sense of questions during the real exam. PrepAway is among the most popular online platforms for the IT exam candidates. Thus, after completing your courses, you can check your knowledge with the PrepAway practice tests.

The IT courses are designed to help you understand different aspects of the IT industry. They are also made to help you plan your career in the industry. Therefore, taking courses in IT will enable you gather more insights about your area of specialization within the IT realm. Whether you are a professional in the field or a newbie, there is always a course that will meet your needs.

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