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Incorporating fine design ethos in your home

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23 July 2019

Incorporating fine design ethos in your house

Iconic buildings like the V&A Dundee design museum and The Shard in London grab the headlines in architectural media and quickly embed themselves in the national consciousness.

But hit TV shows like Grand Designs and Amazing Spaces prove that ordinary members of the public aren’t lacking in imagination when it comes to infusing their living spaces with imagination and good taste.

And with a little sage advice, it’s also possible to create an impeccable domestic ambience on a limited budget, provided you carefully prioritise refurbishment plans.

With that in mind, here follow a few fascinating ideas on incorporating fine design ethos in your home.

Thinking pods

While few of us have the space for the beanbags, hammocks and vertical desks which might make homeworking more healthy and enjoyable, an excellent alternative is installing a curvy, contemplative workspace from specialist designers Dapapod.

If you like the thought of disappearing into a cosy cocoon when you need to perfect a sales pitch or edit with surgical precision, a Dapapod is the perfect piece of functional yet stylish engineered furniture – and it’s also ideal for occasional client meetings.

Switch up the lighting and finish to match your most creative colour and your remote working will soon take on a more productive and dynamic dimension.

Glass and natural light

Glass can double as a decorative medium as well as a method for making the most of natural light – as evidenced by the innovative design and placement of windows in buildings like House Berhnheimbeuk by Belgian architects De Vylder Vinck Taillieu and Alphaville Architects’ Spiral House by the Yodo River in Japan.

So architectural glaziers like IQ Glass can advise on the exciting ways that their specialist internal and external glass windows and balconies can transform your home, making it feel all the more sleek, stylish and spacious.

No matter the style of your home, an experienced glazier with savvy design skills can find the best ways to accentuate its most attractive features.

Internal doors

Replacing your internal doors is a subtle yet surprisingly effective way to refresh your home interior – it’s amazing how a different door completely changes the atmosphere within rooms and the flow of energy between them.

Artisan firm Oakwood Doors has an excellent range of premium portals in an array of modern and classic styles, so you’ll find everything from stylized glass Art Deco pieces with shades of Charles Rennie Mackintosh to distinguished walnut doors which wouldn’t look out of place in the study of a stately home.

New doors can dramatically improve your home interior for a fraction of the price of more extensive remodeling – worth remembering if you’re working to a budget.

This triad of terrific ideas for your home is simply the tip of the fine design iceberg, but we hope it catapults you to new levels of creativity nonetheless.

That’s our list! Share your own home design tips in the comments section.

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