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Importance of Sleep for College Students

17 Feb 2022

Importance of Sleep for College Students

A college is where students get to work on their dreams and start their journeys towards specific careers. However, sleep problems can turn students’ dreams into nightmares, resulting in psychological and physical health challenges.

With the busy schedules college students have to deal with, sleep tends to be ignored as people try to squeeze in all their academic, social, and work engagements. However, those taking online classes may find things even more frustrating as juggling home, and school life becomes challenging. This article discusses why students need to prioritize sleep.

Importance of Sleep for College Students Guide

  • How Much Sleep Do College Students Need?

Thousands of college students around the world are struggling with sleep deprivation. This is the cumulative effect of not getting adequate sleep for a prolonged period. According to research, college students need at least eight hours of sleep each night. That said, most people fall way below the indicated time, with most learners reporting daytime sleepiness.

Close to 70 percent of university students report obtaining less than the stipulated seven hours of sleep every night. Of course, the amount of sleep one needs varies according to age. College students need more rest compared to older adults.

According to professionals, you need at least seven hours of uninterrupted sleep to remain focused and healthy. Sleeping this way allows you to maintain a healthy circadian cycle. Having a sleep schedule also affects sleep quality and ensures that you obtain sufficient rest. Rather than pulling all-nighters, create time for sleep by asking for an essay writing service to help with your assignments.

Why Should College Students Prioritize Adequate Sleep?

Getting a decent night’s sleep comes with numerous benefits for your mental and physical health. Evidence also linked sleeping habits with academic performance. Here are some reasons to make sleep hygiene your priority.

  • Sleep Is Linked to Academic Performance

Recent evidence shows that sleeping habits are linked to almost 25% of the variance in the academic performance of college students. The connection between sleeping habits and brain functioning has been an area of interest for scholars for a century. Recent studies show that healthy sleep habits are linked to superior cognitive performance in areas like improved learning and better memory.

It is widely accepted that sleep deprivation reduces cognitive capacities and can harm students’ academic performance. This impact can come directly as sleep affects mental function. According to available evidence, those who don’t get enough sleep suffer from reduced attention. Remember, focusing during classes and private study time is vital for learning and academic performance.

Sleep can also affect student performance by impacting memory. Research shows that rest offers room for memory encoding. During sleep, your brain stores information and strengthens your ability to remember images and thoughts. When people don’t get enough sleep, their memories may not form properly, which means their ability to retain stored information will be impeded.

Those who struggle with sleep deprivation also risk slower reaction times because of slowed information processing and reduced creativity. You don’t need to stay up all night working on those urgent projects. You can easily order essay service from professionals online.

  • Sleep Helps With Weight Management

Another reason to prioritize sleep in college is that it helps manage weight. Numerous studies show that inadequate sleep increases people’s risk of gaining weight. Numerous factors interact in the connection between sleeping behavior and weight management. For instance, not obtaining sufficient sleep makes students constantly feel hungry and overeat.

This could be one of the reasons why people struggling with sleep deficiency have loftier appetites and tend to consume more calories. The bottom line is that prioritizing sleep maintains healthy body weight. If assignments keep you awake at night, find a reliable homework platform and send the message — write my essay for me.

  • Sleep Helps With Mood Regulation

Importance of Sleep for Students

Over the recent years, researchers have become more interested in the association between sleep and mood. Already, evidence points to the importance of sleep in restoring people’s daily functioning. Researchers have shown that sleeping hygiene affects our capacity to cope with the stressful nature of everyday life.

This article highlights some notable benefits of sleep for college students. After a sleepless night, people tend to be more irritable and short-tempered. Evidence also shows that mood and mental state affects our ability to fall asleep. When stressed, your body will be aroused and alert, making it hard to fall asleep. Students should try to get at least eight hours of sleep each night. Also, if you feel overwhelmed or anxious, consider getting professional mental health support.

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