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How Verified Views Can Help the Design Development Process

13 Dec 2019

How Verified Views Can Help the Design Development Process Tips

When planning the development of a building project, in the past what are known as photomontages were the go-to images for showing officials what a future project may look like once its completed. Although computer-generated, these images are not always as accurate as they could be, thanks to a number of different variables and factors. For local councils and authorities, it is important to have access to visuals that show accurately what the building project will look like to help them to decide whether to greenlight the construction or not. That is why verified views experts such as RBMP are increasingly popular.

If you have not yet started using them yet for your projects, it may be time to start. Before you do, to help with the basics, we are going to discuss what verified views are, how they are used and how they benefit building planning processes.

What are Verified Views?

Verified views are AVR or Accurate Visual Representations or extremely accurate photomontages that have been designed and made using survey data specific to the site to show the impact on an aesthetic level of a prospective development or scheme.

How are Verified Views Used and How Do They Benefit The Development Process?

Verified views are more than just an imagined perspective, and therefore different to photomontages. It is based on areal location and uses visual information that can be verified with photographic views and CAD 3D versions of the proposal.

The reason verified views have become so popular these days is because they help to eliminate the artistic interpretation and guesswork that was normally associated with the traditional photomontages. With the use of rigorous methodologies outlined by London Framework and Landscape Institute, the results of verified views give a realistic visual indication of the magnitude a prospective development or scheme will have on the surrounding area and of the actual scale of the building or buildings in question.

It is true that to look at them side by side, there may not be many differences between a photomontage and verified view at first glance. But it is the fact that the details, sizes, shapes, design and dimensions are all verifiable.

Verified images or views can help during the development planning process to help highlight any key issues there could be at a much earlier time during the procedure. This would mean that the issues can be rectified and changes to the building plans can be made before too much time, money and resources have been used and wasted.

If you have been aware of verified views for some time and have wondered about the merits of switching to them instead of photomontages, we hope the above guide has helped you to see their value.

It does mean you need to be more honest about your prospective plans and how it will impact the skyline and the area in general, but it means there are less likely to be problems with councils and local authorities once building work is completed.

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How Verified Views Can Help the Design Development Process
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