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How to Write an Essay on Architecture Tips

14 Nov 2019

If you are studying architecture, then it becomes very crucial for you to understand effective tips on how to write an essay on architecture as it can be really helpful to your career path.

The academic essays test your knowledge about the particular subject along with your ability to research and how neatly you write it on paper.

So, how to write an impressive essay? What are the things which can make it interesting? These are some of the most commonly asked questions by the architecture students.

If you are one of them, read on, as experts from ProHighGrades collected essential factors which can help you write a well-crafted architecture essay.

The comprehensive range of architecture

In layman’s terms, architecture is related to the designing and construction of a building and landscapes. But the scope of architecture is much broader than this, as this subject refers to any construction done to fill up an empty space. The scope in this field includes designing residential and commercial spaces, industrial architecture, landscape, and lots more.

So before you start writing an essay, it is recommended that you choose a particular niche on which you are more comfortable. This can help you write an essay in an efficient manner. Outlined below are a few important tips which can help you kickstart your efforts to write an impressive essay on architecture.

Step 1. Getting started

Perhaps the most difficult part of writing an essay is to get started. Browsing the Internet or checking out the books at the library is a decent start because you have at least taken an initiative to start with something. But architecture is a broad field, so when you start planning to write the essay, it is advisable to first narrow down on the scope. Well, this is the first step, to begin with.

Confused on how to narrow down on the specific scope of the subject? What we recommend is to finalize a topic that can be sub-divided into various subheadings. For example, you can choose a topic based on the geographical location, style, method, time period, and lots more. You can divide your essay and write informative content on the elaborated topics. With this, you can at least finalize the structure of your essay.

Once you decide on the topic, you can your research. Papers, books, information available on the internet, encyclopedia, etc. can be a good source to find information which you’ll ultimately write in your essay. It is highly recommended that you gather enough information because sometimes the topic might seem worthy and interesting, but some valuable information on it can be hard to find.

You can read the previously written research papers of the scholars and understand the style and type of content used. This can definitely help you understand how to write an essay on architecture.

Step 2. Planning

This is the most important phase of writing an essay as it can make or break the quality of the content. So, once you are done researching and collecting the information on the topic of your choice, it is recommended to plan the structure of your essay. Well, the first step in the planning phase will be selecting the style of the essay but the majority of times the style of an architecture essay is analytical style. In such type of style, the students are expected to provide facts that pertain to the research work.

While writing the essay in an analytical style, it is advisable that you use a persuasive tone as it helps you define and defend your case about certain information of architecture. Now when you know the style and tone of your essay it’s time that you focus on the presentation of the content. Ensure that you present all the information into small paragraphs. You can use bullets and numbers as well wherever necessary to highlight some important points.

Step 3. Writing an impressive essay

Researching and planning phase acts as a backbone for this last and important stage of drafting the essay. When you begin finishing your final piece, ensure that you start with a well-written introduction that can grab the eye of the readers. The introduction of the essay should be written in small paragraphs of not more than two sentences. Also, make sure that you end your introduction within five sentences, don’t elaborate or talk much about the topic.

Paraphrasing of the content is another important step that can help you to define the structure of the content which makes your essay interesting to read right from the beginning to the end. Ensure that you follow the right style and right tone throughout the essay so that it can keep the readers glued on to the essay. One important thing which you should follow or consider while writing an essay is to include your own thoughts rather than rephrasing the content from the research information. You’ll be able to justify your point of view in a better way, and it will also depict that you really know the topic really well.

Bottom line

Don’t forget to end your essay on a striking note by writing an excellent conclusion as it summarizes your content in a short and sweet way. Always remember that the start and the end of the essay should be powerful as it can help you earn some extra points. And remember, you can always contact guys from EditProofRead to check out your work, or you can reach out guys from ResumeCvWriter to help you with your cover letter for the job in the architecture department.

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