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How to Test Your Internet Speed Quickly

18 Oct 2021

How to Test Your Internet Speed Quickly

Do you see your web pages loading slowly? Does it feel like taking ages for a single image to appear on a web page? Most probably, it might be a problem with your internet speed that is causing pages to load slowly. There is no need to panic. Just use a simple diagnostic tool to test your internet speed quickly and fix the problem yourself.

Why is the internet slow sometimes?

It takes an extensive link of many devices and systems to deliver the internet to your homes. A malfunction in any device or system can cause a loss of speed. Another reason could be inside your house, a fault with your modem, or the router that leads to slow internet speed. It is also possible that you have crossed the data limit provided by your internet service provider.

To help pinpoint the reason and source of slow internet speed, you can use a troubleshooting tool like a Speed test, as explained in the below steps.

Step 1:

You will have to disconnect all devices connected to your internet. Devices like smartphones, laptops, computers, and smart TV can consume different levels of bandwidth, and you may not get the correct results. Disconnecting all of them will ensure your test results are accurate. Now connect only one device that you will require to perform the test. Make sure that your family members about the test and do not connect their devices.

Step 2:

Speed tests give better and accurate results when done with an ethernet cable. So you have to connect your desktop or laptop to the internet with the ethernet cable. It will show you the speed of your service and not the Wi-Fi signal strength. This is the actual internet speed that you are getting at that moment. Now move on to the next step.

Step 3:

Open in your browser and click Go. It will start the process of checking your internet speed. It doesn’t matter if you use cheap internet plans or dedicated plans. You will get accurate results for both.

How To Read The Results

The figures you see with Upload and Download show how quickly the data is transmitted to and fro from your system. The higher figures mean higher speed. But these numbers depend on many factors like your internet plan and your internal internet infrastructure. If you are using any cheap internet plans, these numbers can be less for you.

The number that you see with ‘Ping’ shows the response time of your connection. The lower the ping, the better is the connection. The numbers with Jitter show how the ping timings vary.

Test your internet speed quickly – Bottom line

You can run speed tests when required as they are quick and cost you nothing. But keep in mind that it is not only your devices or some technical issues inside your home slowing your internet. There can be many other factors that are out of your hand. Therefore always choose the best internet provider in your region. Check before applying for the connection about what people have to say.

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