How to spray paint interior walls advice

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How to Spray Paint Interior Walls – Which Is Faster, Easier?

post updated 11 February 2024

By spray painting interior walls you can create the flawless finish that has no brush stroke marks, or overlapping roller marks. You can paint the walls faster, and you can enjoy the look of a professional finish that you did not have to pay professional prices for.

The following tips should help you achieve the results you desire.

6 May 2020

How to Spray Paint Interior Walls

How to Spray Paint Interior Walls Advice

Preparation is the Key

You need to get plenty of painters tape and drop cloths or tarps before you begin to paint. Preparing the surfaces for painting includes applying painters tape on hardware, over trim around windows, doors, ceilings, and baseboards, and covering glass with tape and paper.

You need to cover your floors so that no paint can be transferred to the floors. You also need to cover door openings that lead into other rooms so paint does not get transported by the air into other areas of the home.

Make sure that your pets are in another room and cannot get into the room that you are painting.

Wear protective Clothing

When you use a paint sprayer for interior walls the paint particles are going to float in the air and they are likely to get on your clothing and in your hair. Wear eye goggles to protect yourself from getting paint in your eye, and either wear old clothing or wear something over your clothing that will protect them from paint.

Load the Sprayer

You want to make sure that you have your paint thinned to the recommendations of the paint spray manufacturer. Load the paint container with the appropriate amount of paint and choose the tip that will provide you with the best coverage.

Test your technique

You should load your paint sprayer and then test your technique prior to spraying the walls. When you test your technique you can discover if the paint is the proper thickness, and if you are holding the sprayer the right distance from the surface. You can do these tests on a piece of cardboard, and you can do the test inside or outside of the home.

Ventilate the Room

Make sure that you have proper ventilation in the room before you begin to spray the paint. Paint fumes can cause you to become sick at your stomach or to have a headache so open windows if possible and use electric fans to ventilate the room properly.


When you begin the painting process you want to spray from the floor to the ceiling. You want to use a sweeping motion to spray the paint and do not spray the paint in a straight line. If you see any signs of paint runs you need to stop and adjust your sprayer so you spray lighter amounts of paint.

It is best to apply several layers of paint to create the color and coverage you want. You must wait between each layer of paint for the previous layer to dry completely before adding another layer. We recommend waiting at least 20 minutes between coats as applying another coat too early can cause poor longevity. Waiting time between coats and curing time can vary because spray paint dry time is partially dependent on humidity, temperature, surface, and the paint type you are using. But if you have to wait for an extended amount of time go ahead and clean the paint from the sprayer, and clean your tip so the paint does not dry inside the sprayer.


  1. Is it better to roll or spray paint interior walls?
    1. When you apply paint with a roller you will apply thicker layers of paint that dry slower. When applying paint with a roller you can also leave marks where the roller overlaps. Spray painting gives you lighter coverage that dries faster and looks flawless.
  1. Can I spray paint inside my house?
  2. Yes you can use a paint sprayer to paint interior walls, cabinets, ceilings and more. It is best if you can use a paint sprayer that does not require an air compressor, but all paint sprayers can be used indoors.

How to spray paint interior walls – Final word

Painting your interior surfaces with a paint sprayer can give you the flawless finish that you desire. It is a little harder to prepare for this type of painting, but the final results will be worth all of the time and effort you put into the project.

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