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How to Get Rid of Bad Odors in Your Home: 5 Easy Odor Removal Methods to Try Out

29 January 2024

Many of us strive to make our homes as aesthetically pleasing and comfortable as possible, but all it takes is a stubborn odor to ruin the welcoming atmosphere you’ve worked so hard to create. The last thing you want is for your guests and loved ones to be scrunching up their noses the moment they step into your house, so here are a few odor removal methods that you can try out!

How to get rid of bad odors in your home

Baking Soda

Baking soda is commonly known as an ingredient used in baking, but it’s also a very popular household cleaning ingredient, mainly due to its versatility. Many homeowners prefer to use baking soda as a much more natural, cleaner, and non-toxic alternative to commercial cleaning products, and you’ll be happy to know that this white powder can help you deal with stenches in your home.

After identifying and locating the source of the foul odor, just sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the area or place the powder in a bowl and leave it for a few hours. During this time, the baking soda will absorb and neutralize the smell, which is much more effective than commercial air fresheners that simply mask the odor with a fragrance. Once the smell has disappeared, just remove the baking soda either with a towel or a vacuum cleaner.


We’re all familiar with lemons’ strong and citrusy smell, but you might now know that lemons can help combat those foul odors spreading around in your home. You can actually make a nice room spray to refresh each room and rid it of any stenches, and you’ll only really need a lemon.

After washing a lemon and cutting it into quarters, put the slices into a pot before adding two cups of water and heating everything on the stove. As an option, you can even add other things like cinnamon sticks and essential oils depending on your preferences. Let the lemon slices and water come to a boil before turning the fire off and letting the mixture cool down. Finally, pour everything into a spray bottle and lightly mist any bad smelling areas in your home.

White Vinegar

This might come as a surprise for many of you, especially with the distinctly sour smell of white vinegar, but it can actually be used to get rid of any bad smells in your home. This is because white vinegar contains acetic acid, which is a very popular ingredient found in commercial cleaners. The acetic acid bonds with the molecules of the smell before eliminating it entirely.

All you need to do is fill a dish or bowl with some white vinegar before leaving it in the room until the smell completely disappears. The smell of white vinegar shouldn’t be too bad, but you’ll notice that the odor will slowly dissipate the longer you leave the bowl. You can also use white vinegar to get rid of drain odors by simply pouring a cup of white vinegar down and leaving it for around half an hour to an hour. Then, just let the water run and rinse it away.

Coffee Grounds

Another way you can eliminate odors is by leaving a bowl of fresh coffee grounds in the room. Aside from absorbing any nasty smells, the coffee grounds will also release the strong and distinct aroma of coffee, while also absorbing any excess moisture in the air. Finally, leaving coffee grounds in a room will also keep any unwanted pests and insects out of your room thanks to the strong smell of coffee, but it’s crucial to ensure that the grounds are fresh.

Professional Cleaning

Nasty odors in your home can be a sign of a much bigger problem, but any issue can be resolved by properly cleaning your home. Regular household cleaning can be difficult, especially when so much of your time and energy is spent on other things, but the good news is that there are companies that can offer professional cleaning.

Companies like Luce offer a wide range of cleaning services and packages that can be customized to fit your unique cleaning needs and schedule, all the while being affordable. Our professional cleaners have years of training and experience under their belts to deal with whatever messes or stains you might find in your home. You can rest assured that your place will be sparkling clean after each cleaning session with Luce!

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