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How to Find Quality HDD Transmitters for Construction

4 Mar 2021

In the world of underground construction, a high-quality HDD transmitter is a must-have. But what should you look for in a quality transmitter and how do you find one?

How to find quality HDD transmitters for construction

Getting your hands on a quality transmitter isn’t that difficult, now that technology has improved enough to mitigate many of the transmitter’s inherent problems. So read on learn what to look for in a high-quality wireless transmitter and how it will improve work on your job site.

Look for a Transmitter With Better Accuracy

One can argue that the quality of your HDD transmitter is measured by its accuracy. You’ll want to get your hands on a transmitter with a strong signal and a powerful antenna.

The problem with transmitter accuracy is that it is confined to restraints of the signal. When the signal returns, it bounces back in the shape of a cone. So the closer you are to the object, the smaller the margin of error you’ll have due to the length of the signal.

When you are further away, the cone shape of the returning signal will produce a margin of error on either side of the object, large enough for your results to be inaccurate.

Today’s HDD transmitters provide a much more accurate location of the object at greater distances.

Shop With a Reputable Dealer

One surefire way to find a quality wireless transmitter is to shop with a reputable dealer who knows the products inside and out. They’ll carry only high-quality brands like Digitrak and Subsite and offer repair services as well.

Look for a dealer who offers a guarantee on new and refurbished products. If they offer a risk-free money-back with no questions period, even better.

Look for Low Interference Frequency

With the ever-expanding underground infrastructure, there are more sources of interference than there ever were before. Whether it’s underground cables, rebar, or wire mesh in sidewalks, chances are you will experience some form of interference on your drill site.

Interference can lead to poor signal readings or inaccurate plotting of your drill path. If a mistake is made, it could cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Find an HDD transmitter that uses updated technology to filter out unwanted signal interference. A sub-k frequency, which is less than 1kHz, will lessen the effect of inference in your signal and enable you to plot a more accurate bore path.

Go for the GPS Option

Many utility companies are now requiring you to submit GPS coordinates of your bore path with your bid. Using an HDD transmitter enabled with a real-time location system will not only allow you to pinpoint the exact depths of your bore path but offer you greater chances of winning the bid for jobs.

A transmitter without GPS capabilities will still work, but those models are becoming increasingly outdated.

How to Find the Right HDD Transmitter

Choosing the right transmitter for the job will come down to a balance of cost and needs. The technology used today eliminates signal interference while boosting signal strength and location accuracy. Be sure to work with a reputable dealer to find the best piece of equipment.

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