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How to Choose Slot Machines

9 May 2023

How to Choose Slot Machines

The first online casino appeared more than 20 years ago. During this period, more than 10,000 different slots were released, including entire series of machines or special versions.

There are dozens of large and even more small studios in the gaming software development market, which allows even the most demanding casino visitor to find an interesting game. How to do it right? It will be enough to pay attention to the characteristics of the slot.

Volatility in slot machines

In the process of creating a new slot, the developer lays down several parameters that will determine the frequency of the formation of winning combinations or the number of winnings that can be obtained on the slot. Volatility is responsible for this, which can vary over a wide range:

  • low;
  • medium-low;
  • average;
  • medium-high;

Otherwise, this term can be designated as a risk limit. If you play slots with low and high volatility, you will notice that the experience of betting will be completely different, even if the machines have the same return. Slots with low volatility allow you to form winning combinations more often. They don’t keep players on long-losing streaks. At the same time, it is almost impossible to get a big jackpot on such machines.

If the slot has average volatility, then its characteristics are more balanced. The frequency of formation of winning chains will be lower, but the payout will be larger than in games with low volatility. In a modern casino, you can play pokies online with any volatility. Players can take into account personal preferences in the process of choosing a suitable device. High volatility means that payouts will be rare, but the size of the winnings will be maximum.

Number of paylines

Paylines were already available on the first machines that could be used in land-based establishments. Thanks to the development of technology, their number has constantly increased. Modern slots can have dozens or even hundreds of paylines. Developers can also use alternative payment methods, such as megaways or clusters.

When choosing a machine, it is important to consider that a large number of lines increases the chances of winning. The player will have more options to form winning chains. In turn, this leads to an increase in the size of the bet. Therefore, some devices provide the ability to adjust the number of lines. This allows you to set the slot parameters by the selected strategy.

Another important point is the bonus options. With their help, it is possible to diversify the gameplay and offer players additional opportunities to increase their winnings. The most popular bonus rounds are free spins, in which the player does not risk their bankroll. There are also machines where you can buy free spins before the start of the round.

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