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How do I choose the right shop lighting for my workshop?

30 April 2024

How to choose right shop lighting for workshop

At present, various kinds of shop lights are available on the market, so it is challenging to choose the right shop lights for your workshop. Significantly, selecting the right shop lights is essential as they can greatly impact workplace safety, productivity and, most importantly, overall work.

There are various crucial factors to consider before buying shop lights for your workshop. We will share some essential tips to help you to buy the most suitable shop lights. Moreover, we will also highlight which kinds of lights are recommended for various needs and occasions.

Some varieties of LED Shop Lights:

Different types of LED shop lights are available, each having its unique features and applications. Here are some popular ones:

  1. LED Tube Lights: For shop lighting, LED tube lights are a common preference. Especially in places where fluorescent tube fixtures are used. LED tube lights are energy efficient, last long and turn on quickly. They come in different lengths and can easily fit in existing fixtures with few changes.
  2. High Bay Lights: LED high bay lights are for rooms that have high ceilings like storage spaces or big factories. So that they provide enough light for one to see what they are doing in such areas. High bay LED lights are available in UFO and linear high bay LED light styles.

These gadgets give bright illumination all around them hence they are ideal for illuminating very large and open places. These gadgets are usually mounted on ceilings while their energy efficiency plus longevity is nothing less of excellence.

  1. LED Panel Lights: Panel light emitting diodes contain a very slim structure. It provides even light across its entire surface. Apart from office spaces and retail settings there are cases where some commercial purposes require the adoption of these devices.
  2. LED Strip Lights: LED strip lights are basically pieces of flexible tape with tiny light-emitting diodes on them. It makes them suitable for using in numerous easy-to-attach ways. They can end up being deployed to illuminate workspaces (task lighting) or be permanently attached as secondary lighting in kitchens and garages. The variety of lengths and colors used to make LED strip lights brings many possibilities in coming up with decorative lighting ideas.
  3. LED Work Lights: LED workshop lights are transportable multifunctional devices. These are prepared particularly for people who work at construction sites, workshops and other open-air sites. Most often such lights have a strong bodywork. They also have moveable stands or can be fixed on something; and a strong focused light that lights up even very dark spots is a must.

How to choose right shop lighting for workshop

How do I choose the right shop lights for my workshop?

  1. Know The Purpose Of Lighting:

First, it is very important to consider the purpose of lighting and what kind of work you will conduct in your workshop because different tasks need different lighting. Flawlessly, if you need shop lights for general daily routine tasks, you need to install moderate-level lights. But for detailed tasks like electronics, welding, and woodworking, high-level lights are required with high colour rendering, etc. Moreover, Hero Series High Bay Lights are recommended for ceilings, which facilitate high-lumen output and flawless coverage.

  1. Analyze The Environment Of Space:

Another essential tip for buying accurate shop lights is to analyze the environment of your workshop. You need proper information about your workplace’s layout, size, and obstructions. In this way, you will be able to determine the required placements and number of lights. First of all, analyze obstacles and the height of the ceilings of your workshop. If the ceilings are low, you should buy Will Series High Bay Lights. Moreover, you need to install the lights on the workstations to reduce glare and get facilitated directly with light.

  1. Select The Right Type Of Shop Light:

Well, different types of led shop lights will cater to specific needs on various occasions. If your ceiling is below the 11 feet mark, you can use standard shop lights or LED Vapour Tight Lights. First, the Hero series high bay lights are perfect with large areas and high ceilings. But if you have an m-sized workshop with low ceilings, you should buy Will Series high bay lights because they facilitate more light with narrow beam angles. Similarly, if your workshop area is wet and exposed to chemicals or water directly, then vapor-tight high bay lights are perfect. Saturn high bay lights are also ideal for small areas with low ceilings.

  1. Durability and Energy Efficiency:

It is also essential to consider the lights’ durability and energy efficiency level before buying them for your workshop for a long lifespan. If the lights have a high lumen per watt, then they have more energy efficiency and can provide more light per unit. Most importantly, they minimize maintenance and replacement expenses if the lights are durable.

  1. Check Certifications And Warranties:

One of the most important tips that we want to share is to always check the shop lights’ certifications and warranties when you buy them for your workshop. Shop lights should meet all the safety standards and must have at least 3 years warranties.

Choosing the appropriate shop lights is essential. Please consider the unique requirements and characteristics of your space before buying shop lights. This guide will help you choose the right lighting to illuminate and improve the functionality and design of your space.

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