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How Exterior Cleaning Enhances Buildings Advice

19 Feb 2020

How Exterior Cleaning Enhances The Architecture Of A Building

Cleaning is one of the many maintenance efforts required for better preservation of buildings. The most commonly practiced type of cleaning in many buildings is restricted to interior cleaning. However, exterior cleaning is as important as interior cleaning.

How Exterior Cleaning Enhances Buildings Advice

Ideally carried out over a period of about six to twelve months, exterior cleaning directly impacts the architecture of a building. Architecture, in this case, refers to the beauty and design of your building.

Some of the common methods of exterior cleaning are pressure washing and power washing. These methods of cleaning are often employed for best results on a building’s architecture.

Building Exterior Cleaning Guide

Here are ways how pressure washing and power washing can enhance a building’s architecture:

  1. Increases The Curb Appeal Of The Building

A building’s curb appeal is the attractiveness of the building and its surroundings when viewed from the street. An improvement in curb appeal means better architecture with the added benefit of an increase in the selling value of your property.

Investing in cleaning the exterior parts of a building, including the kerbs, fences, walls, and floors makes your building more attractive since it creates a welcoming environment for your visitors.

Although you might not be looking to sell your building, a good curb appeal may still attract a few agents and prospective buyers asking about your property. Such inquisition can greatly increase a building’s market value in a short while.

  1. Preserves The Overall Health Of The Building

The accumulation of grime, mold, pollen, and leaves on the exterior of a building often causes degradation in the architecture of the building, especially in its wooden parts. All of which also contribute to the premature aging of your building. Routine exterior cleaning can save you a lot of money by preventing the resulting damages.

How Exterior Cleaning Enhances building facades

Traditional cleaning methods, like the use of brooms, rag, and mops can remove dirt and mold, but it takes a significant amount of time. Thus, if you can’t afford the time or stress in cleaning the exterior of your building, you can enlist the services of an exterior cleaning agency, like First Class Clean.

Such cleaning agencies employ professionals that’ll help you effectively clean the exterior of your building. Washing the dirt and mud off buildings via pressure washing will also help prevent water from damaging the exterior decoration, such as paint.

  1. Clean Facades

A clean facade is one of the many ways through which a building’s architecture receives a boost from exterior cleaning. A facade refers to the frontage of the building, which includes the windows and general design.

Windows prevent unpleasant weather agents from entering into buildings. This is the reason why they get dirty often, especially the exterior facing. When windows are dirty, it reduces the appeal of the building and reduces the amount of sunlight getting in.

Having your windows cleaned regularly, either personally or hiring a professional, significantly enhances the building’s beauty.

  1. Harmony Between The House And Its Surroundings

A building is not a standalone structure. No matter its magnificence in design, it interacts with its surrounding environment. A building that lacks proper exterior cleaning is often poorly integrated into the environment.

A good blend between your building and its environment is a big boost to its architecture. A building in harmony with its immediate environment has to be clean and tidy on the outside. This ensures that, in relation to the garden and other landscape features, the building doesn’t look odd.

  1. Great  Sidewalks and Driveways

The surfaces of your walkway often tend to attract dirt and grime quickly because it’s frequently used. This is why a walkway made of timber might appear greyish, instead of its natural brown color, due to dirt build-up.

Cleaning the surfaces of your building pavements, sidewalks and driveways using pressure washing helps make it look clean and attractive. However, it might be preferable to hire experienced cleaners since maintaining the right cleaning pressure is essential to maintain the structural integrity of the materials used, especially if your walkway is made of wood.

  1. Clean Park Areas

Leaving your parking area unattended for a long period of time is not the best of ideas when it comes to improving the architecture of your building. Instead, proper exterior cleaning guarantees clear and clean parking areas.

Waste and dirt gathered by your car tires in motion tend to accumulate in your parking area. Over time, waste and dirt piles up to the point that it constitutes nuisance by either becoming rotten or welcoming for pests.

Scheduling the cleaning of your parking space, like you schedule the washing of your car, will keep the area pristine and healthy for you. Pressure washing, as well as power washing, are effective in keeping the space clean

  1. Cleaning of Patios and Decks

The exterior cleaning of a building is not complete without clean patios or decks. Most decks and patios have wooden sections, which degrade considerably in the presence of mold. Due to the fact that they’re constantly under the assault of various weather forces, they often pick up dirt and moisture. Moisture, in particular, facilitates the formation of mold.

To remedy this, it’s essential to regularly clean these surfaces to preserve the pristine glow of your patio. It would also help eliminate the cost that would arise when these parts of the structure are damaged.


When you apply the right cleaning technique to the exterior part of your home can be very rewarding; it enhances the architecture of the building. It also improves the design and beauty of the home, as well as restore the value of the property.

Adopting a strategy of regularly washing the exterior surfaces of the building, like walls and walkways, with proper techniques will not only increase the curb appeal of the building but also help prevent damages to the material used to construct the building.

In order to keep your building in pristine condition, there’s nothing more important than cleaning it using the right techniques. Professional cleaning services can provide you with a cleaning job that leaves the architecture of your building looking better than before.

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