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Hiring a Gold Coast Shade Sail Company in Queensland

10 Apr 2020

What to Consider When You’re Hiring a Gold Coast Shade Sail Company

Living on the Gold Coast definitely has its pros and cons. Even though the scorching hot sun is great for sunbathing and running around on the beach, the rays can sometimes get too much to even bear.

That is why many Gold Coast residents invest in shade sails. When you install shading in your back yard, not only do you create a relaxing outdoor space but you also add value to your property.

When it’s your first time getting shade sails installed, you might want to consider a few important factors before hiring an installation company.

What to Consider When You’re Hiring a Gold Coast Shade Sail Company


First, narrow down what purpose you want the shade sails to provide. There are many different reasons for installing them. The purpose of the shading will have an effect on the company you should hire. As some installation companies are more equipped with different kinds of Gold Coast shade sails installations.

Some people need them to provide shade for their cars, while others want to create a cool space in their backyard where they can host parties and have BBQs.

Depending on the use, the size and shape will have to adapt.


Not all sails are suitable for all types of areas. For large areas, you’ll need a large rectangular size that will be able to cover the full area. The direction of the sun’s rays is important in knowing how much shade the sails will be able to provide.

A professional installation company will be able to assess the area and recommend the perfect fit. When the shading isn’t installed correctly, it won’t provide the needed shade for the area size.

When you have an oddly shaped area, a professional will be able to cut custom-sized shading. Off the shelf sails can only be found in specific shapes and sizes. Whereas professionals will be able to give you a custom cut item.


Any citizen from the Gold Coast will know that rain is part of life. You’ll need shade sails that are fully waterproof for those rainy months. Especially if you are planning on putting some patio or outdoor furniture underneath it.

Some sails aren’t fully waterproof but rather shower proof. A showerproof fabric creates a cool shadow while providing breathability. Heat can escape from showerproof fabric. Compared to a waterproof fabric that traps heat and doesn’t create a cool shadow. It’s advised that you install this kind of permeable material.

Even though it isn’t fully waterproof, when installed at a slight slope water will be able to run down to its sides. Keeping the area underneath dry or damp.

Read about the correct installation right here.

It’s important that the company you consider use quality fabric that provides showerproof as well as UV protection. When you want one that blocks out the sun completely, you’ll need a higher-quality fabric. A lighter fabric type, that’s less expensive will do for areas where you only want slight blocking.

A high-quality sail will be able to absorb more than 90% of dangerous UV radiation. Depending on the color and weight, the fabric will absorb less UV radiation.

Furthermore, the durability of the sail is also important in calculating its longevity. Make sure that the professional, you are considering in hiring, is using high-quality fabric sails in order for it to withstand all kinds of weather situations.


After you’ve narrowed down what kind of shade sail you need, you will be able to find companies that can assist you with the installation. Ask for recommendations from colleagues and friends in the same area.

Finding a company with a great track record will make all the difference. When they come highly recommended, you are guaranteed a quality service.

Gold Coast Shade Sail Company Australia


If you have never installed one before, don’t attempt to do it yourself. Hiring a professional will be the best in getting a satisfying end result. The installation process might seem straight forward, but there are many factors to consider.

Factors such as: the direction of the sun rays, the slope degree, the size, and placement, as well as the cables used to secure it in place. Professionals will be able to assess the area and fabric needed for your specific use.

Shade sails are specifically designed to be installed using a tension structure. When it is not  installed correctly, the sail might end up flopping and flapping around. Ultimately, breaking out of the mountings.

Professionals will be able to secure the fabric using special fittings, attachment points, and mountings. Typically, the tension needed is between 30-50 kilograms.

Have a look at some interesting layouts, you can consider, here: https://za.pinterest.com/pin/465137467738078975/


Regarding all of the above information, it’s clear that a professional installer will have the right tools to do the job. The right kind of tools are needed to make sure the shading stays in place.

When the nets aren’t mounted in the right locations or with the right fixtures, a strong wind can easily rip it from the wall. Professional installers know exactly what equipment to use to keep it secure and in place.

When you use the perfect shade sail installation company, all your needs will be met. While creating an aesthetically pleasing outdoor area where you can relax and shy away from the sun.

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