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Choosing The Right Architect For Your Commercial Garage tips

29 Jan 2020

Are you good at working with your hands? If so, you may very well make a great automotive mechanic. That is especially true for people with good mechanical skills. Owning and working in an automotive garage is very rewarding. You will not only be doing what you love but also will be helping others in their times of need. The first step to opening a commercial garage is hiring an architect. Below, you will find several tips to help jumpstart your effort.

Choosing the right architect for commercial garage

Architect For Commercial Garage

Conduct A Thorough Search

The first step in finding a qualified architect is conducting a search. For this task, you will have the best resources available right in your home. The computer and an Internet connection are all you need to perform an online search. You can utilize several search engines, Google, Bing, or Yahoo, for your research. Just type in the word architect and the name of your location, push enter, and the results will almost instantaneously appear on your computer screen.

Once the results appear on your screen, view them carefully. Pick out only the ones that appear to be legitimate. You will verify their legitimacy later on. But, first, pick out a few and write them down on a sheet of paper.

Verify Your Results

Once you have the names of several architects at your fingertips, you will need to start verifying them. You can utilize the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or local government website to determine if the businesses are legitimate. This is a crucial task that will require all of your attention because it can prevent you from hiring a company that is not qualified or licensed to do the job.

Schedule A Meeting

Regardless of how much the project is going to set you back, you need to meet the architects before agreeing to hire one of them. Contact each architect to schedule the meeting. You can request a face-to-face meeting or phone interview, the option is yours to make. However, to determine if the architect is truly legitimate, a face-to-face meeting is needed.

There are several things to consider when meeting an architect for the first time. Access the architect’s behavior and mannerisms. If any of the companies on your list refuse an interview or one-on-one meeting, you should exclude them from your project. Never hire any professional before speaking with them first. It is the only way to protect your investment and you from becoming a victim of fraud.

Verify Skill Level

Even if your project does not include any unique specifics, you will still need to determine the architect’s skill level. You should only consider hiring architects with a Bachelor’s degree in architect and internship and residency training. A licensed architect should possess the skills to plan and design commercial buildings as well as houses, factories, and multi-story apartment buildings.

You should be able to verify an architect’s education and training by visiting the National Architectural Accrediting Board website. Do not hire an architect who has not completed the required schooling or training. Take breaks to regain your composure. It is also recommended to utilize your downtime to check out the Sbobet Mobile app whenever possible.

Check Out Customer Ratings

If an architectural firm has been in operation for any amount of time, it will have been rated by the public. There are various review websites online that will provide you with that information. Look for reviews written by real people and the overall customer ratings. Take the time to reach each review, whether it is negative or positive. You need to study them closely to determine if they are legitimate or fake. Believe it or not, some companies will do whatever it takes to get a high customer rating. They will go as far as hiring people to improve their ratings and write positive comments about their companies.


Finding a reputable, licensed architect is genuinely not that difficult. However, it will take time, patience, and effort to get it right the first go-round. You can also get recommendations from your friends, co-workers, and family members. With that said, it is never a good idea to hire one of these professionals out of the blue. Do not ignore the risks because they are extremely high.

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Choosing The Right Architect For Your Commercial Garage
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