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Gorgeous Replacement Windows Ideas for Your Home Exterior Make Over

24 Apr 2020

Gorgeous Replacement Windows Ideas House Exterior Makeover

Gorgeous Replacement Windows Ideas

The exterior design has become just as important as a cozy and modern styled interior. Many homeowners have moved their creative juices to the outside of their homes, to embellish walls, patios, backyards, and entrances.

As a whole, windows serve the purpose of letting in fresh air, natural sunlight, and giving us a peek at the outside world from inside. They are functional and since the beginning of time, they are also part of an aesthetic beauty that adds character and style to homes.

If you are looking for windows to replace outdated styles, then there are loads to choose from. Different types serve different purposes, depending on your budget and style. From the outside, it gives your home a great appeal, and from the inside, you can decorate as you please.

To help you make a decision, we’ve listed some of our favorite options that you can consider installing.


When you look at options available from St. Catharine’s replacement windows, you’ll be amazed at the arched unit options. Arched units have a rounded top and add a gorgeous aesthetic to any home.

Typically, they aren’t made to open up and are usually combined with common windows for ventilation. These units can be found in different designs and sizes depending on your preference.


This type is perfect for a home that follows a minimalistic and modern style. A single hung unit has two different parts known as sashes. One of the sashes will be able to slide up and down, while the other remains stationary. Usually, it’s the lower sash that is moveable.

With a double-hung unit, both sashes can move and slide up and down. You have a choice whether you want to open either the bottom half or the top half.


When your home has an area that creates a kind of sun nook, then a bay window type is perfect. Typically, a set of rectangular glass that is placed into an angled frame in the corner of a home.

Underneath the installment will usually be a set of small benches aligned with the window. Providing a comfortable scenic outlook point.


When opened this unit creates a kind of diagonal slope downwards. Perfect for areas that have a lot of rain, the awning creates a water-resistant feature. Typically, awnings can’t be opened wide, that’s why they’re also used in high apartment buildings or hotels. Preventing bigger objects to fall out.


A hopper is similar to an awing with the difference that it opens at the top and not the bottom. Creating a downward outer slant. Typically used in small bathrooms and basements to provide airflow.

Similar to the awning, they both provide insulation with a tight-seal design.


Similar to bay windows, with the exception that bow installments are custom made and curved to fit a round the nook area. They look beautiful from an outside view as it creates texture and character to a home’s exterior.

Check out this website: https://gnhe.ca for great examples of replacement installations in the Bow style.


With the pure function of creating a better light flow through the home space, glass blocks provide textural accenting to a home’s exterior and interior. Glass blocks are typically stained, frosted, or designed with a water droplet motive.

Perfect for placing in swimming pool areas, bathrooms, or private rooms. As they don’t provide a see-through area and are perfect in giving privacy while providing a natural light source.

These blocks can be placed in a combined feature or placed as singles in the wall.

Gorgeous Replacement Windows Ideas for Your Home Exterior Make Over


An interesting design that features a variety of different slats made from either metal or glass. It has the same opening mechanism as that of blinds, but are much more durable.

The small rectangular pieces of glass will move upright to horizontal with the turn of a lever. Creating a flow of air through the room. Even though they are quite functional and aesthetically pleasing, cleaning the separate slants can be a bit of a nightmare.


Honoring Victorian window designs, the circular window creates a gorgeous architectural look. You can opt for shapes like oval, half-round, round, and elliptical. Either as one large fixture, or a few scattered in a delightful pattern on the wall.

Click here to learn more about historical window designs.


For homes that are built on a beachfront or next to a picturesque mountain range, large singular windows are perfect installations. As they don’t have any window frames or breaks. Giving the owner an unobstructed view of the home’s surroundings.

Its only purpose is to provide a see-through space to gaze through. They are usually fixed and can’t be opened to let air through.

Rocburn automatic window opener offer a range of electric window openers, automatic window openers, single chain openers, twin chain openers for larger windows requiring two push points and linear actuators for rooflites and large heavy windows.


For those who want the light to seep into their homes from the sky, a skylight is the perfect option. Installed into the top roof area of your home. Therefore, it isn’t suitable for all rooms, but perfect for those areas which lend itself to it.

This is a window you’d most typically install in bathrooms, where you’d still like all-round privacy with added natural lighting from above.

Windows can be extremely versatile. If you have something specific in mind that isn’t mentioned in our article, then you can always opt for a custom-designed window.

Consult a professional installation company to weigh options and find a choice that best suits your style and home.

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