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Go for professional time-lapse presentation of your project

18 Jun 2021

Up until recently, creating a time-lapse video was relatively overwhelming not only in terms of time and work, but also for your wallet.

Bixion brought a fresh breeze to the established (and expensive) solutions in the field of time-lapse videos. This company has created a device for creating these long-term videos, for a much lower price than its competitors.

And what does it mean for you? That it was never easier to ask for a time-lapse video creation using the Bixion solution. The company has been on the market for 7 years and has supplied its product to the whole world, but it’s still not so popular among photographers. Their primary product BixiBox will cope with any environment, from low temperatures to higher ones. From dust to rain. It’s possible to control the device inside BixiBox remotely, meaning the photographer doesn’t have to travel to the device any time when there is a change in the project.

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House Designs

Artopex Head Office, Granby, Quebec
Architects: Luc Plante architecture + design inc
Artopex Head Office Granby
photo © Bastiani photography
Artopex Head Office Granby
The recently modernized structure of the Artopex Head Office stands out in an industrial district that has seen better days. From the outset, the building’s bright fire-engine red signage welcomes visitors with its vast floating volume.

Garage Screen Summer Movie Theater, Gorky Park
Competition winner: the SYNDICATE architecture bureau
Garage Screen Summer Movie Theater, Moscow Building News
photo © Iwan Baan
Garage Screen Summer Movie Theater
The Garage Screen summer movie theater has opened, which came to be this year as a result of an architectural competition organized by Garage Museum and Strelka KB. This event was captured through the lens of world-famous architectural photographer Iwan Baan.

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