How to Get Early Discount on Black Friday Ads Online Tips, Online shopping advice, Shop credit card guide

How to Get Early Discount on Black Friday Ads Online

12 Oct 2021

Black Friday ads online help guide

If you intend to take advantage of early discounts, do these things throughout Black Friday ads week or month:

#1 Use a credit card with a rewards program

Even if it’s not in Black Friday 2021 ads, these are good tips for any time of year –

The Citi Double Cash Card (unlimited 2 percent cash back) and the Chase Freedom Unlimited (unlimited 1.5 percent cashback) are superior for most cases to category-bound cashback rewards cards such as the Chase Freedom Flex.

However, the second group has a secret weapon: the potential for enormous cashback on the right types of transactions at the right moment.

If you spend $1,500 on net purchases in one of two rotating categories, you’ll get 5% back in the form of Chase Freedom Flex cash back, up to $75 in bonus cashback each quarter.

In the fourth quarter, the presence of department shops, home improvement stores, and clothing stores creates an enticing savings opportunity. Like mobile wallet and payment app purchases, which have become even more tempting as brick-and-mortar shops embrace Apple Pay, Google Pay, and the like, as well as Amazon and Walmart, purchases become more prevalent.

You should always have an extra Chase Freedom Flex card in your wallet just in case. There isn’t much of a risk in signing up because there isn’t an annual cost.

#2 Use Sign-Up Bonuses and 0% APR Promotional Periods to Your Advantage

It would be best if you searched for a new credit card that has an excellent sign-up bonus, an introductory APR of 0%, or both while you’re looking.

The Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card is one of my favorite no-annual-fee credit cards. The first 15 months offer a 0% APR introductory rate on purchases and balance transfers, better than most rival cashback cards’ initial rates. Free money and no interest on carryover balances for over a year are powerful combinations that are hard to pass up.

Some cards are even better than others when it comes to 0 percent introductory APR. For example, the 0% APR period after account creation with Citi Simplicity lasts almost two years. This may take some time to make up for the Christmas excess, but paying off your credit card debt in full is always a wise decision, no matter what the situation.

If you must carry a credit card debt from one month to the next, we’ve compiled a list of the finest cards with the lowest APR interest rates.

Get early discount on black friday ads online

#3 Use Gift Cards

This is an excellent method to save money on Christmas shopping since it is so often overlooked.

Popular clearinghouses like Raise, where gift cards are sold at a discount, may be found online. Depending on the retailer, discounts may range from 2 percent to 35 percent off the face value. Popular retailers like Best Buy and Target give smaller discounts, while more obscure retailers with less brand awareness offer more significant discounts.

Check the kind of gift cards you’re buying before you purchase them at a discount. Some websites provide gift cards that may be redeemed in person, while others only offer discount codes that can be used online. A physical copy is required if you’re doing your shopping in person; digital copies are accepted if you’re buying online.

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