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Esports Betting Vs. Sports Betting

Nov 19, 2020

The esports industry has witnessed significant growth with yearly increase in viewership and sponsorships. As a result of this growth, betting on these competitive video games has become popular across the globe.

Esports Betting Vs. Sports Betting

Esports and traditional sports pair well because they are both skill-based and competitive with wide arrays of betting markets. Like the major sports tournaments, esports has become bettors’ choice. They both draw a large number of fans across the world. Esports betting is not the same as sports betting. The two industries can be compared in different ways. 

Esports Vs. Sports Betting Advice

Below are some of the comparison between the two sports and esports betting:

  • Event Types

Generally, betting on esports and physical sports depends on the type of match, event, or sports being played. For instance, you can place a bet on the whole NBA season, games, teams, or individual players.

Before esports fans can place a bet, they have to select the game to be on. There are a handful of games to choose from; they include first-person shooter games such as Counterstrike, fighting games such as street fighters, racing games such as iRacing, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBAs) such as League of the Legends, and others.

Currently, there are uniform rules and regulations guiding sports tournaments worldwide. However, due to the increased popularity of esports, Each MOBA tournament usually sets its code of conduct and manifesto. An excellent example of this event is the League of Legend World Championship of 2019.

  • Legality

The legality of the two sectors of betting is ambiguous, especially in the United States of America.  Only a few states have regulated esports betting, and the same goes for sports betting.  Foxbat, a reputable sportsbook, is fully regulated in just a handful of states, including Colorado, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, while is only legalized in the State of Maine.

Those in New York can explore a site that is full of sports betting news and games, as well as reviews of the sportsbooks in the state to help people find the best bonuses and offers for them so that they can enjoy their sports betting experience to the fullest.

Furthermore, international betting sites have constituted a problem for state legislative bodies. The future of the offshore betting site in the US hinges on the state’s ability to banish or integrate the legitimate betting platforms.

  • Difference in Betting

One of the significant differences between the two betting industries is game diversity.  There is a massive range of sports and video games to bet on.

When it comes to individual bets, sportsbooks’ options are countless, as there is a diverse range of esports betting.  The more the number of betting options, the better.

Apart from the impressive range of bets, the esports industry is currently enjoying massive investment as some of the revenue generated comes from major sports events like NPL and NBA because they invest heavily in esports tournaments.

More resources become available to esports professional players as the revenue increases. Apart from that, the prize pools of these tournaments also increase significantly. While this is not associated with esports betting; it shows that the industry is doing great financially.


You need to understand the difference between the two betting industries if you are looking to bet on both. Knowing the similarity and difference between the two will enable you to devise the right strategy to bet on each of them.  As a reminder, some of the areas we considered are the betting market, event types, and legality.

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