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Drainage channels to remove rainwater fast

3 November 2023

If you need to drain rainwater in car parks and commercial or pedestrian areas, you should always consider a channel that drains fast at a competitive cost. We recommend that you should select a product that provides performance up to load class D400.

It is advantageous to source a single system, that meets a range of requirments: economy, reduced heights, 8 fixing points and the possibility of cascaded slopes.

Drainage channels to remove rainwater

Drainage channels to remove rainwater fast – main types

There are many different types of drainage channels, and it is important you accurately identify which is best for your needs. We list the main types here:

Drainage Channel Types

Suitable channels must be chosen for each type of application, based on load class, in order to ensure they meet the strength capacity requirement. At ULMA Architectural Solutions they have channels for all types of applications.

Each area of application has its own requirements, and in order to ensure a correct choice, considering the Standard EN 1433 premises, we can divide the types of drainage channels into three types:

Domestic drainage (Load class up to C250)

Channels for pedestrian use and occasional car traffic for all types of hydraulic requirements.

Technical drainage (Load class up to D400)

Driveway channel drains with versatile uses suitable for intermediate loads and road traffic for areas of low and medium hydraulic requirements.

Civil drainage (Load class up to F900))

Drainage channels to remove rainwater

Drainage channels for heavy duty and all types of hydraulic requirements.

Learn more about Drainage channels in this link.


Technical drainage : MultiV+ drainage channels

Let’s take a look at the MULTIV + range, which evolved from twenty years’ of R&D processes and experience.

This system is available in various heights. It is suitable for pedestrian areas, commercial areas, and parking lots.

Drainage channels to remove rainwater

The main advantages of this modern drainage product are:

  1. Optimized V-shaped section with self-cleaning effect

This shape is specially designed for channel runs with no longitudinal slope and you will have:

– higher water speed with lower flows
– larger drainage capacity for extreme flows
– drains water faster which provides an improved self-cleaning effect.

What do you get from this? Savings in cleaning and maintenance works.

Moreover, its optimized section, larger than the traditional V-sections on the market, provides superior hydraulic capacity at extreme flow rates, guaranteeing the security of the area.

  1. Rapidlock® fastening system, quick and safe

The fast and boltless Rapidlock® fastening system by ULMA makes possible to connect the grating to the channel body quickly, safely and practically effortlessly. You will get savings in labour costs, because it has:

– One-second fastening
– Tool-free installation
– Easy maintenance

  1. Mechanical stability with 8 fastening points, for major security

Its 8-point fastening system provides higher stability and stress distribution throughout the grating and the channel.

All these, will guarantee the greatest security in the area and will give a longer life to the grating, reducing possible breaks and incidents.

  1. Multiple fastening options, easily adaptable to your needs

Rapidclok® and screw-fastened system can be replaced and combined and it is very easy because you can do it:

– Even with already installed channels.
– With no need to replace the gratings.
– By simply replacing the fastening components.

Drainage channels to remove rainwater


Underground Drainage System Advice

Proper drainage is an essential component of any well-functioning infrastructure. Understanding the importance of efficient underground drainage supplies is important when designing a public infrastructure projects, residential properties, and commercial properties like offices.

We advise you select products that maintain effective underground drainage – using channels, pipes, and adaptors. When specifying building products it is key to make informed decisions.

As well as providigng efficient and effective drainage of wastewater and rainwater, you can consider product resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and adverse weathering. Prevent blockages by specifying the best channel types for specific areas, and instlal them correctly. Also consider the scope and length of the products being selected.

Good design simplifies the installation process, reducing time and effort. Plan ahead as our climate gets more volatile – specify robust construction to help ensure long-lasting performance for increasingly demanding conditions.

Strong and durable drainage channels shold be resistant to cracks, impacts, and structural damage. Essential infrastructure components should always be able to withstand the test of time.

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