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Does CBD Oil Expire? The Answer Explained

26 August 2022

Unlike most of the oils you use, there are hardly any expiry dates written. This might sound weird, but I still use the same oil my mother used to massage onto my scalp when I was a little baby. Now I might be exaggerating, or my mother just kept the same bottle and kept changing the actual oil.

The point is things like oils are not that high maintenance, and you hardly pay attention to whether they have expired. At least during my lifetime, there hasn’t been a time when I have come across stale oil.

Does the same principle apply to CBD oils as well? Let’s find out.

Does CBD oil expire

How To Check If Your CBD Oil Has Gone Bad

As it turns out, CBD oils do expire, and a few signs hint at you getting a new one for yourself.

Want to save yourself from the CBD oil expiration fiasco entirely? Try out things like CBD gummies which will be used up rather quickly because how long can you really drag your few gummies around? Unless you are someone like me who forgot the jar of CBD gummies altogether, and uhm, they went bad… You can easily shop CBD Gummies 500mg from justcbd; just make sure you are not foolish enough to forget the thing even exists and later cry about its shelf life.

Returning to the signs that can tell if a CBD oil has gone wrong:

If the oil becomes thick and dark, it probably means that it has started to degrade. The smell of a usual CBD oil is earthy and almost ignorable, but a CBD oil that has expired can smell rather skunky. I think there need not be any precautions to this, as why would you put something that smells so bad into your mouth? The flavor of the oil follows suit with its smell: it tastes earthy.

The main thing to remember is that the taste is standardly digestible and will not make you cringe when you try to take it. So if it does taste weird and oddly disgusting, chances are that your precious CBD oil has gone bad.

Usually, it takes one to two years for the oil to expire, so I believe you are still good to go as it provides an incredible shelf life.

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How To Store Your CBD Oil

Just save your CBD oil by putting it in an air-tight container, so it stays protected from light and heat. It is usually packaged in dark glass, which is what you should keep it in because the darker glass reduces light exposure and keeps the oil at an optimum temperature. Store it at room temperature.

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