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Discrete Residential Architecture

International Architectural Article by Dimple Soni architect, India

19 Feb 2013

Poised and Passive

Discrete Residential Architecture

Two very discrete residential buildings get a spot this week. While spacious and isolated Equinox house sits quietly in the vast expanse of a hilly terrain, the compact and angular Casa Lude stand untroubled on the existing roofs of old house, jutting out as a minimalist contemporary composition in a rustic traditional neighborhood.

Equinox House, Kavarna, Bulgaria, southeast Europe
Design: Ignatov Architects
Equinox House Bulgaria - Discrete Residential Architectur
photo : Rossen Donev

After active Conservatory House in Verna, New York-based Ignatov Architects, have come up with passive Equinox House in Kavarna, both situated in the region of Bulgaria. The Equinox House is neatly tucked-in the slope of a hill. It’s a pleasant and curious encounter with smooth vegetation on the pitched roof, accentuated by thick walls of random local stones, which also serves as natural insulator. The house is designed to keep track of the sun movements throughout the year.

To the north, as one approach the house from the main street, the apparently missing building mass is all green and hidden, floating against a blue backdrop of wide-open sky that gently fuses with the peaceful sea. A framed wooden door serves as a mysterious entry to this invisible house. The local grass grown on the roof is secured by reinforcing the soil with special Geo-web system, comprising of geo-composite material.

To the south, the house is all evincing. The elevated floor has tilted transparent windows that gaily connects the orderly interior with its surrounding and provides an extensive view of the sea. The large plain terrace at the back is livened by a narrow rectangular swimming pool that glimmer and reflect the cobalt sky. The uncluttered house looks quite candid and airy, governed by the passive standards.

Lude House, Murcia, Spain
Architects: Grupo Aranea
Lude House Murcia
photograph from architect

Casa Lude, designed by Grupo Aranea, is a private apartment for a musician, located in the concentrated neighborhood of Cehegin city, in south of Spain. A tidy disposition of irregular angles and vivid plane, the house embraces homogeneous and undisturbed spaces of varying heights, kindled by the site conditions.

Generous rays of natural light, pouring in from various skewed openings, illuminates the white and placid interior. Windows are thoughtfully oriented to retain privacy while framing interesting views of the surrounding like the long street, Burete mountains and San Agustin hill. Casa Lude is a spirited and sober addition on the roof of an old building that despite being distinct from its neighborhood does not shout or swagger.

Dimple Soni – regular Guest Editor at e-architect
Dimple Soni author of Discrete Residential Architecture
image from Dimple Soni

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