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Difficult Things To Bring Along When Moving Home

1 January 2024

8 Most Difficult Things To Bring Along When You’re Moving Homes

While packing your stuff to relocate, you can throw in your clothes, toiletries and cushions without worrying about their safety, but a few things can make the moving process a bit more challenging.

Fragile showpieces, sharp objects and expensive furniture require extra care that only professional movers can give. Thus, it is best to hire a moving company rather than shift on your own if you have such objects.

If you have decided to relocate somewhere and are confused about whether or not your belongings require professional care, the below-mentioned list will help you find that out.

Difficult things to bring along when moving home

Difficult Things To Bring Along When Moving House List

  1. Fish Tank

Aquatic lovers deal with the big task of moving an aquarium with the rest of the packing and moving.

It is not just about handling the glass but emptying the water, moving the wet decor, keeping the fish alive, cleaning the fish tank dry and dealing with lights, filters, heaters and thermometers and then refixing them.

You can sell or donate your aquarium if you’re moving far away. But if your sentiments with it are way too strong, transfer the fish into small containers and bubble wrap the

  1. Piano

A grand piano in your living room can uplift the aesthetics of your house, but lifting the same piano can give you back injury or do damage to the instrument.

Pianos are extremely heavy and delicate. Also, they have an awkward shape, which demands careful handling.

Moving a piano can damage your staircase and doorways if not handled properly. Furthermore, your piano can easily get damaged in transit when moving to a new city or country. Thus, hiring long distance movers experienced in lifting heavy and delicate items is necessary.

  1. House Plants

Greenery adds life to a home, but moving house plants in a non-climatic controlled environment can pull the life out of them. Their delicate stems, loose soil and fresh leaves can dry up due to extreme weather conditions.

If you are concerned about your plants’ safety, you must shift them to plastic pots and keep them secured in the backseat of your vehicle. Keeping them fixed by tying can minimize the risk of damage.

  1. Televisions

Watching your favorite sport at home on a big screen is fun, right? But moving the same screen is not so much. Televisions are at high risk of breaking while moving homes.

If you have the original packing in which your gadgets came, it is best to repack them using the same materials. Invest in specialized TV boxes if you can’t find the original packaging. Pack the flat-screen tight with its face forward to prevent any damage.

  1. Artworks

Another item that needs careful consideration while you are on the move is the artwork. No one can bear the sight of their favorite artist’s artwork getting damaged by climatic conditions or being torn by getting stuck somewhere.

Artworks hold both monetary and sentimental value. Thus, safe transportation is crucial. You can either bubble wrap the artwork or order custom crates to transport them safely.

  1. Exercise Equipment

You might not break the exercise equipment itself, but you might break your leg if not taken care of while handling these heavy things.

While carrying the bulky machines and equipment, you must disassemble larger pieces. Take help from professional movers who are known for their techniques in lifting heavy subjects.

  1. Family Heirlooms

While you can replace any item as long as it is affordable, replacing family heirlooms is next to impossible. Passed down through generations, these items carry sentimental value.

Whether it is antique furniture, heirloom jewelry or a vintage collection, they require careful handling and protection from unfavorable weather conditions.

  1. Fragile Items

Apart from the items listed above, there are certainly more things that need your extra attention while moving.

You should pack fragile items such as china, glassware and electronics using bubble wrap, sturdy boxes and other safety-ensuring materials.

Remember to put a label to declare the box contains fragile items to prevent any chances of mishandling.

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Moving homes is a complex task, but moving services can make a lot of things easier for you. It is advisable to hire movers rather than risk the safety of your belongings if this list contains items you owe.

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