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Cool Seaside Houses in UK

British Waterfront Properties – Architectural Design Article

11 Sep 2018

Contemporary British Waterfront Properties

Waking up to the sound of waves crashing at the beach and watching a beautiful sunrise and sunset as the ocean changes its hues any time you want is THE dream! Everyone wants to own a seaside house where you can turn every day into a beach day and make beautiful memories with your family.

Cool Seaside Houses in United Kingdom

Cool Seaside Houses in UK

The idea of a cool seaside house is, no doubt, very tempting so these houses are always in demand. ‘Direct House Buyer’ is one choice for anyone looking to sell a seaside house quickly. But it’s a different story for the buyers. There are a lot of things to consider before calling the dibs on a dream seaside house. Scroll down to read what one should keep in mind while purchasing a seaside house in UK.


For anyone planning to buy a seaside house, it is important to spend some time in the area. It might be a wise idea to rent a house in the area or book a hotel and stay for a few days to get accustomed with the locality, get familiar with the ways and get to the people.

Other factors that make a difference on the value of the property include factors like how convenient is the location? Does it have good medical facilities nearby? Does it have an airport nearby? Are there shops in the surrounding area to run grocery errands? How far is it from the children’s school and other such questions.

Home Inspection

Home inspection is a given. All properties must be thoroughly inspected by the purchasers before they deposit the money for it. It is advisable to bring in a home inspector to look for the signs of wear and tear that mostly come with age and usage.

The purchaser must be informed about the flooding conditions of the house. For example, does the house flood? If so, how often does that happen and in which season? For houses with flooding issues, raising the home is an option but it is expensive. It may involve a number of discussions with the realtor and contractors and owners of the house to reach a verdict about a seaside house that requires new foundations.

Land Surveyor

Good realtors take it upon themselves to make sure their clients are aware of all the facts regarding the property they might invest in but to be on the safe side, hiring a land surveyor or engineer may be a good idea. These professionals can provide valuable information and predictions about locational issues based on factors like tides, storms and the stability of the shore.

So, are you ready to a buy the house of your dreams?

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