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Things To Consider While Planning Your Client’s House

post updated 13 February 2024

Every client has different requirements for their houses and the design varies from client to client. However, there are some basic aspects that can guide your planning requirements. You need to have constant interaction with your client in order to gain an understanding of your client’s needs.

We have provided a list of details and questions that you can ask your client so that you can plan your client’s house tailor-made to his/her tastes and preferences.

12 Aug 2021

Things To Consider While Planning Your Client’s House Guide

  1. Initial Details to Ask the Client

  • Ask for your client’s contact details like phone number, email, and home address so that you can stay in constant touch with your client.
  • Next, note down the contact details of the other parties involved in the designing process in order to coordinate with them about the details and status of their work.
  1. Questions to Ask Regarding Your Client’s Current House

Consider While Planning Your Client's House

  • What does your current house look like?
  • What are the inconveniences that you are currently facing in this house?
  • Is there anything that you particularly like or dislike about your current house?
  • Do you feel like something is missing in your house?
  1. Questions to Ask Regarding Your Client’s New House

  • Are there any ideas in your mind regarding your new house?
  • Do you have any images that can help explore your ideas and style?
  • Is there any particular design that you would like to follow?
  • Is there anything from your old house that you would like to retain in the new house?
  • What kind of style are you going for – Traditional, contemporary, minimal, elegant, etc.
  1. Details About Your Client’s Convenience

First of all, ask your client if he/she has any particular timeline in which the project needs to be completed. If there are any deadlines, then you need to source manpower and plan the layout accordingly. Make sure that you don’t make any promises that you can’t keep.

Accessibility Requirements

Ask your client if there are any accessibility requirements for a disabled family member that has some special needs. If not, then ask if there are any friends or visitors that visit often who have any specific accessibility requirements.

Energy Efficiency

Consider While Planning Your Client's House

Ask your client if there are any specific considerations for energy efficiency and sustainability like installing solar panels. If yes, then you would have to keep aside a particular area to install them.


This is the most important aspect to consider while planning your client’s house. Ask your client what his/her budget is.  If the budget does not support the type of house that your client wants, then make it clear to your client beforehand and plan the house accordingly.

Also, ensure the amount of time and energy your client is willing to invest in maintaining the new house. This will help you choose the most suitable items like sustainable electrical channels, a modular metal box, metal roofing, etc.

  1. Details of the Client’s Preferences

You should inquire your client about why he/she chose that particular site. If there are any views that the client likes then you can place a window in that direction. Some other details to take care of include:

Number Of Occupants

Plan your client’s house based on the number of people that will be living in the new house. If it is only one couple, then one bedroom is enough for the two. However, if they are expecting any children in the future, then they might need an extra bedroom and a play area. Ask your client if there are any pets in their family and if they need an extra room for it.

Lifestyle Of Your Client

Question your client about their lifestyle and if they require any particular space to support their lifestyles like a gaming room or a gym. Ask them how much time do they spend in the different areas of their house. Make the area comfortable that they spend most of their time in.

If your client likes to spend time outdoors, then you can provide a backyard to play sports or an area for barbecuing.

Indoor Space

Consider While Planning Your Client's House

Ask the number of rooms that will be required by your client and how much space for each room. If your client likes to have a huge wardrobe, then the bedroom should have proper closet space. Similarly, if your client works from home more often, then you will have to provide a working station space for your client.

In case your client wants to have an entertainment unit with speakers, you’ll have to make space for that as well.

Ask your client if they require any particular rooms to be connected, like their room and their child’s room. Also inquire if they need any direction-oriented room, like the south-facing dining room.

  1. Questions for Clients Looking to Renovate Their House

  • What are the specific areas that need to be renovated and why?
  • What is missing in the current design of your house?
  • Are there any additional areas that you would like to add?
  • Is there anything from your old design that you would like to retain?
  • Do you want to extend the walls to make your house more spacious?

Consider While Planning Your Client’s House Conclusion

Your client should be satisfied with the final result of his/her house. Try to get as much information about the client and his/her idea of a perfect house. Give options to your client to choose from because you never know what your client might end up liking.

You will have to make constant changes to your architectural brief as long as the project is on. At the end of the day, your client should leave your office satisfied with the design of his/her house.

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