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Consider Before Purchasing an Air Conditioner Guide

3 Sep 2021

Consider Before Purchasing an Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is one of the top required appliances in a home or a workplace.It is very important because it helps regulate the temperature of the room to make it a comfortable and contusive place to reside. However, not many people know how to go appliance shopping and get the best to suit them and this includes air conditioner purchases.

If this decision is made in haste without much consideration one might end up regretting it after making the wrong choice of the appliance that best suits them. Therefore, one should ensure they contact the best dealers for quality air conditioners.

Must-know tips before air conditioner shopping

  1. Type of the AC

There are different air conditioners nowadays. Therefore, one should be able to tell which one best works for them. To do this it is quite important to know the types of the air conditioners

  • Window air conditioner– this works perfectly if you have a room with a window where the installation of the air conditioner is done. However, this type of air conditioner needs a lot of fitting space and is more efficient in windows placed centrally on a wall for even air circulation in and out of the room.
  • Split air conditioner– mostly reliable in houses or rooms that do not have big windows where a window air conditioner can be installed. A split AC is normally placed on the wall at the top because it does not require quite a large space for installation. Moreover, a split air conditioner looks much better when installed on a wall rather than a window.
  • Portable air conditioner– this is an air conditioner suitable for tiny houses or rooms.it can be installed anywhere and can be carried wherever it is needed.
  • Inverter air conditioner– it is an AC that pleasantly saves energy in return saving you some money at the end of the day by ensuring the efficient control of the motor speed. It is also an environmentally friendly appliance. However,one major drawback of this air conditioner is that it is quite expensive.
  • Non-inverter air conditioner-for a non-inverter AC the motors are on until the desired room temperature or completely turned off. So in this case, the non- inverter AC is not better than the inverter AC.
  • Central air conditioner– this type of air conditioner operates by circulating cool air through supply ducts and the warmer air in the room goes back to the ac through the return ducts.
    1. Tonnage

    Also known as the air conditioners cooling capacity. If one has a bigger room it is important to consider buying an air conditioner with more tonnage. This tip will help you to save on your electricity bills and also ensure your room is sufficiently cooled. It is important to mention that the tonnage is directly proportional to the room size.

    Tonnage Estimated room size(sq. feet)
    1 150
    1.5 250
    2 400

    Consider Before Purchasing an Air Conditioner – Size Guide

    1. Size of the air conditioner

    Homeowners who live in bigger rooms should consider installing an air conditioner like the window AC because this one requires more space to install. This also applies to those people living in small homes; they should buy airconditioners small enough to fit their space without any interference or changing the look of the room.

    1. Number of the people living in the house

    The more people you have living in a house the bigger the air conditioner should be. This is to ensure that there is enough air circulating in the house.

    1. Types of condensers and coils

    The condensers are of two types; the copper and aluminum condenser. Air conditioners with aluminum condensers are prone to experience more difficulties than one with a copper condenser. Aluminum condensers are cheap and require regular maintenance hence not the best condenser choice.

    1. Brand choice

    The probability of buying a good air conditioner from a credible brand is quite high. Therefore, it is a good idea to do so because these brands offer amazing warranty deals and maybe installation services if you land on the right brand. Again, cheap can be expensive sometimes that is why we are always advised to go for the expensive quality brands.

    1. Power consumption

    Normally, air conditioners use a lot of power. But while trying to get one for your home it is highly recommended to check on the power consumption of the air conditioner to avoid any surprises. For more information here’s a breakdown of installation costs and other factors that can affect the total price.

    1. Noise

    Air conditioners produce noise while working. An important question to ask yourself before making any purchase is how much noise? An air conditioner that produces so much noise can be a nuisance to you and the other members of the household. The most preferred choice of air conditioners whose noise ranges from 50- 60 DB.

    1. Quality of dehumidification unit

    An air conditioner is also responsible for reducing the amount of humidity in a room. Before buying any air conditioner please ask about the quality of the dehumidification unit and also the air filters in it. The greater the quality of the dehumidification unit the better!

    1. Cooling speed

    It is a factor that is determined by the condenser and the thermostat in the air conditioner. The thermostat signals the condenser to start the cooling process and the speed of this process will be determined by how efficient the thermostat and the condenser are.

    1. Maintenance cost

    When buying an air conditioner you should consider the future maintenance cost of this unit. It majorly relies on who installed your air conditioner after purchase and how well it was done. Also, understanding how often the air conditioner needs maintenance and strictly adhere to it.

    1. Appropriate design

    Before agreeing on the air conditioner to purchase for your room, ensure it is an appliance that will not change the whole outlook of your house. Choose an air conditioner that is pleasant to the eye with a beautiful sleek design that fits your room perfectly.

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