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Choosing The Right Lighting for Every Room Tips

19 May 2021

Choosing the Right Lighting for Every Room

Choosing the Right Lighting Guide

Choosing the right lighting for your apartment is an important aspect of its design as it sets the ambiance and mood of your rooms. Lighting fixtures are necessary accessories needed to complete the finishing touches of a room.

Lighting makes spaces become more beautiful and functional. With the right lighting, your space can be customized to promote productivity making you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Knowing how to light the rooms in your house is very important. There are generally four important principles to selecting the best lighting. They include:

  • Size and Location
  • Scale and proportion
  • Ceiling height and shape of the room
  • Style and function

With the increasing number of amazing lighting options out there, choosing correctly can get overwhelming. But if you start by narrowing down your overall aesthetic under these four principles, it will certainly help.

Never go with the assumption that a single light fits all. It really doesn’t. There is a special ecosystem for each room, and they have an effect on how everyone who comes into that room lives or interacts.  Below are tips to help you choose the right ones.

Living Room

Typically, the living room is one of the largest common areas that you have in your space. You can opt for lighting fixtures that have arms to appropriately fill up space. Considering it is the part of the room where you can watch TV, read, hang out and work with your laptop, the concept of layered lighting is essential here. It would be just perfect to use ambient lighting that can bounce off the ceiling. It makes it possible for the eyes to perceive vertical planes.

You need to know the size of your space and the ceiling height before you sort the lighting fixture. Improve the possibility of performing other important tasks with wall sconces that are properly situated, table lamps, and apothecary-style reading lamps.

Dining Room

Another part of the house that’s almost always in use, the dining room’s light, should draw people in. When selecting the lighting for your dining room, you should focus more on illuminating the table with a combination of ambient and task lighting, also including accent lighting. Because of its multipurpose feature, using dimmers in the dining would be quite effective. They would be able to conveniently create the kind of atmosphere you want and make it entertaining.

After setting the dining table in place with the chairs are pushed in, what remains is the centerpiece which is your fixture. The lighting fixture is what draws attention when anyone enters your room; it, therefore, needs to be a reflection of your style. And, at the same time, meeting your general lighting needs.

A more popular lighting plan here is a chandelier just above the table and a couple of wall sconces situated at prominent areas of the table. The Replica Gold Wire Parachilna Anwar by would be a great light fixture hanging in the room. Always consider your furniture plan below to determine how long you want your fixture installed.


This is one of the trickiest spaces to place a light fixture. It is one of the parts of the house that needs a balanced combination of both layered tasks and ambient lighting with a major concentration on places where food is prepared, and cleanup is done.

Go for fluorescent lights that can provide ambient lighting. It displaces shadows from your kitchen, reduces contrast and light vertical surfaces to make the kitchen look brighter. You should also consider using under cabinet lighting for cabinets, valences, and toe spaces that can also provide additional light to go around in the evening.


Choosing the Right Lighting for Every Room
The bedroom is where everyone gets to relax and wind down after a long day; thus, ambient lighting that can be dimmed when necessary is crucial. If there would be overhead lighting, it is advisable that it is diffused by the frosted glass or some material that can create ambiance and less glare from the light. There are various options for your bedroom’s lighting, from floor lamps to architectural lighting and even sconces.


The warm light is perfect for the bathrooms. Light sources are typically located right above the mirror or flanking both sides. Avoid a central lightning fixture that would create shadows if you want ambient lighting. Rather go for sconces that are well-placed on the wall.

Understand that these are only general tips and not compulsory guidelines. Get the best lighting you can afford or save up for. If you go for what suits you, you will never regret it. Always remember to choose what you love, and it can translate into any style regardless of your accessories.

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