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Champaign Roofing Tips for Spring Cleaning Checklist

9 Nov 2019

With the arrival of spring, almost all the households start gearing up and get ready to start a little maintenance. However, without knowing what and how you should be doing it, it is going to be extremely difficult for you to understand how you can start spring cleaning your roof. You must consider cleaning your roof once the winters are over because any damage can be harmful to you. You need to identify all the unwanted signs of damage and fix them as early as possible. Consider the tips that have been listed below so that spring cleaning becomes easy for you.

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Gutter system

If your gutter system is healthy, you can be assured that your roof is also healthy. You have to make sure that you are cleaning the gutters. Ensure that you are looking out for weak spots as well as signs of wear and damage. Weak and clogged gutters are responsible for water overflow when it rains during the spring season. This can start opening up your house to water damages. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are checking your gutter system and cleaning it to prevent unwanted damages.

Tree cutting

If you find out that the trees that are surrounding you have started growing close to your roof, this is the best time to trim them. Scraping tree branches and leaves can damage your roof and create a humid and shady environment, as stated by If you are not getting rid of these, they can be responsible for the growth of moss, which will make it extremely difficult for the moisture to drain and evaporate perfectly. Therefore, cut and trim the branches of the trees around you to prevent damage to your roof.

Dirt, moss, and mold

Most people do not consider washing their roofs for a long time. This should not be done and you need to make sure that you are washing your roof thoroughly. It is suggested that you avoid power washing or it can lead to damage of materials and can also make the warranty void. You can consider under-the-sink cleaners for cleaning off moss and mold. If you do not clean mold, moss, mildew, or excess dirt, they can compromise the roofing materials and weaken your entire system. Contact the professionals of Central Roofing Champaign to know more.

Damaged flashing

April showers are responsible for bringing in more rains in comparison to what the old roof flashing is capable of withstanding. Therefore, you need to be smart and keep looking out for any damaged or worn area on the roof. You need to particularly look for flashing, which does not look like a flush on your roof. If there is any buckling, missing or even has a tiny gap, there is no denying the fact that water will sneak in. It is your responsibility to hire professional services so that they can fix the flushes that are present on the roof, thereby preventing any unwanted damage.


You have to consider cleaning your roof and checking for damage signs on your roof during the spring season. Ensure that you are considering the tips that have been mentioned above so that you can avoid damages and do not have to spend a lot of money in the future.

Champaign Roofing Tips for Spring Cleaning Checklist - Illinois, United States
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