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Building Your Own Greenhouse Guide

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26 Apr 2019

Greenhouse Building Guide

What Are The Most Important Things to Consider When Building Your Own Greenhouse

Are you planning to build your own greenhouse? So, is everything complete? Before you start building a greenhouse, you need to be aware of the factors to consider. This way, you can be sure that you will end up with your expectations.

Building a greenhouse means that you will be engaged in gardening all year round. You will enjoy the relaxing and inviting look of your surroundings and gardening can be a bonding activity you can do with your family.

If you prefer a greenhouse that will match your needs, you have to plan out things effectively. The idea of building a greenhouse is easy to imagine, but you need to exert effort and time during the preparation and actual construction.

So, what are things you need to consider when building a greenhouse?


Yes, you want to build your own greenhouse, buy how large you will need. Before jumping to the design, materials, plants, or framing, you need to decide what will be the size.

Remember, plants grow. Meaning, it is ideal for you to consider the size that can handle the growth of your plants. You can build a greenhouse based on your site considering the sufficient height. This can provide a perfect room for hanging and tall plants.


When deciding for the location of your greenhouse, go for the one that can provide convenience. This can help you during bad weather and ensure it will fit with the landscape. Also, you need to consider the location where the sun exposure is best that will benefit the plants.


The environment that plants need is also important to consider. In the case that you are over-wintering plants or starting seeds, you can take advantage of the greenhouse with benches as well as grow mats.

If you want to grow tropical plants or plan to plant tomatoes in the winter months, a greenhouse with a heater and lights is recommended. When growing orchids, a greenhouse with light diffusing glazing and a structure supporting hanging plants is ideal.


When it comes to the materials used for the greenhouse framing, you can choose from plastic, aluminum, and wood. For a more durable choice, aluminum is an advantage. But, you cannot expect it to be environmentally friendly.

A greenhouse frame made of wood is known as a renewable option. When compared to aluminum, a wood frame is more heat efficient and allows you to add accessories, including hanging bars, light fixtures, and hooks. If you want to make it more creative a Painted Wooden Greenhouses are perfect for you.


As for the type of glazing material, you can choose between plastic and glass. For a long lasting, attractive, and economical greenhouse glazing, a glass material is used by many.

With the above factors to consider before building a greenhouse, you can make things organized. Thus, you can avoid potential issues in the future.

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