Building a real estate investment team

Building a real estate investment team: Key roles and responsibilities, building purchase guide, property selling advice

Building a Real Estate Investment Team: Key Roles and Responsibilities

4 February 2024

Building a real estate investment team

So you’ve decided to get into the real estate market. This type of investing can be very rewarding if done correctly, and we’re not talking about simply buying the family home. Good real estate investment strategies involve various moving parts and different investment types, from rental properties to commercial real estate. There is a lot to consider in this asset class. With so many options of brokers, property managers, and even strata management companies, a good team around yourself will be critical as you can’t manage these operations alone. This article will investigate the key roles and responsibilities of real estate investment teams.

Picking the Right Real Estate Agent for Your Investment Property

Right off the mark, before investing in any properties, it’s a good idea to first find the right real estate agent for your needs. It has to be reliable, trustworthy, and sure to get the best deals for your budget. If you don’t find the right ones to start with, you might be stuck with property deals that simply are not profitable.

You should start by interviewing a couple of agents and ask them about their background in investment so you can do some research yourself. Factors to consider include the average time on the market, the prices, and other customer reviews. The best agents are the ones tapped into the investor community who can secure deals before they reach the wider markets. They should also have a variety of contractors, property managers, and lenders to contact.

Make sure you bring up the fees and commissions upfront as many agents will negotiate rates, especially if you want to work with them on multiple properties over a longer period. These agents should want to go above and beyond to nurture the relationship instead of only looking for a quick buck. Your agent should also be able to provide detailed input on the potential properties you want to invest in. This means pulling up market data and offering insights you wouldn’t normally find.

Assembling the Financial Team

The financial team is the second important part of the puzzle and should be looked at during or after finding your real estate agent. This team is responsible for all financial obligations that you’ll be experiencing during your time investing, from first buying the property to financing management and selling. Getting this right is crucial.

Building a real estate investment team

Mortgage Broker

The mortgage broker is someone who understands the entire loan process and can ensure you are approved for loans no matter what property you’re looking to purchase. They can navigate the entire path, making it much easier than doing it yourself. Interview a few different brokers and even test and see what kind of approvals they can assist with before taking the plunge. Getting favorable interest rates can make a pretty big difference in profitability in the long term.

The Accountant

The one essential part is the accountant, and you want to find someone who knows and understands real estate tax laws well. Because they can maximize deductions and save you lots of money, finding any run-of-the-mill accountant just won’t cut it in these situations. Ensure that they have worked with real estate investors before and have specialized knowledge in the field.

Insurance Agent

When looking for an insurance agent, you want to be sure they can take care of landlord policies and investment property coverage. Just like accountants, the insurance agent needs to be specialized, and a normal agent just won’t cut it. Find someone who can compare quotes from different companies and look for policies that protect your assets for a reasonable price.

Working With Contractors, Inspectors, and Other Specialists

Now that we’ve looked at the prominent professionals in the game of property investing it’s time to check out other specialists. They might not have a massive impact on the overall price and profitability of your property, but they can add up over time. These professionals can take care of various roles so there is still some importance to finding the right ones.

Contractors handle the physical work on the property. This includes any types of repairs, remodels, or maintenance. You should try to find people or companies that you trust or are recommended by others, and if not, just compare prices and quality with other local contracts to figure out what the best options could be for your property.

Inspectors are useful for almost any stage of property ownership, from buying, maintenance, and selling. If you’re already experienced, you could inspect properties yourself, but if not, it might be better to get a professional who might see things that you don’t. Another popular specialist role in the field is property manager, which is useful if you have many rentals and don’t have the time or resources for self-management. Just ensure they’re trustworthy and take a reasonable percentage of fees.


So now you’ve got the plan together for putting your real estate dreams into action. When you find the best people to support your goals, you will have a major advantage over those trying to do everything alone. Ensure they’re all vetted and good communication is maintained throughout the process. While the work can be logistically challenging, ensure you take that critical first step and gather your crew for success.

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