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Five Ways to Better Connect Your Home to Your Garden

24 April 2024

We’re always looking at ways to improve our home and one of the ways many of us don’t consider is finding better ways to connect our outdoor spaces to our indoor.

Better connect your home to your garden

Come the summer time it’s good to get out into the garden, whether it be to do a spot of gardening, enjoy some al fresco dining, sunbathe or anything else, and allowing a flow from inside to out can really enhance that experience.

There are many ways in which you can connect your home to your garden a little better, so if it’s something you’re considering, here are five ways in which you can do that…

Install Bifolding Doors

One of the best instalments in a home to seamlessly connect your home to your garden is bifolding doors. The doors feature multiple panels that can be opened up to create a wide and unobstructed opening that connects the home to the garden.

They’ve become more innovative over the years with companies such as able to create made to measure doors made from aluminium, a strong and sturdy material that is sleek and stylish.

They help create a real sense of continuity in a space, and are perfect for getting airflow through the home in the summer months.

Create a Covered Outdoor Area

You can also think about extending your indoor living space into the garden with a covered outdoor area. Patio spaces and verandas are a good option, while you could also think about pergolas complemented with climbing plants to blend the covered space in with nature.

It becomes a functional extension of your home and can prove really versatile, as a place to relax, eat and entertain.

Design a Seamless Flooring Transition

Perhaps a little more subtle, continuity in the flooring between indoor and outdoor is another good option. Blurring the lines and having the same flooring in your kitchen as you do on your patio can effectively act as an extension and create a cohesive flow.

Wooden flooring or tiles are among the best options for this, while it’s important to think about the likes of weatherproofing to ensure the outdoor space doesn’t become damaged or tired quickly.

Incorporate Large Windows and Glass Doors

Similar to bifolding doors, maximising the light and beauty of your garden through windows is a great way to make the inside more airy.

By strategically placing windows that overlook the garden and making those larger can promote a strong connection between indoor and outdoor, while also promoting a sense of calm in the home.

Create Garden Focal Points Visible from Indoors

Finally, design garden focal points that can be seen from inside the home.

Plant colourful flower beds, install a water feature, or place decorative sculptures strategically within view of windows or bifolding doors. These focal points add interest to your garden landscape and become captivating elements that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your indoor living spaces.

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