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Which Pipe is Best for your Home Water Supply

21 Apr 2021

Best Pipe For Your Home Water Supply

There are times when you hire a plumber or take things into your own hands for fixing a plumbing issue. Such times bring along a confusion of selecting the right kind of Water Supply Pipe for getting the job done in the best way possible. There are different types of pipes that are used for different purposes from exterior pipes to drainage, and sewer there is a vast category. 160mm drainage pipe is available at EasyMerchant and are for use with sewerage and underground drainage pipe systems for gravity based waste water drainage. Let’s narrow down the types and their pros and cons to figure out which pipe is the right choice for you.

Pex pipe; Cross-linked polyethylene

It is a pipe of the modern age, being one of the most popular and new pipes in the plumbing market the Pex pipe has its own perks. It is used only for the supply of water and is hard enough to handle the water supply pressure. Along with that, it is also very flexible to make its way through the walls, basements, ceilings, and crawl spaces. Here are some of the benefits that it brings along-

  • Color code- comes with a color code, that’s the blue color for cold and red denotes hot water
  • Super flexible- it can curve up to 90 degree
  • Pocket friendly- it’s easy to afford for your plumbing job
  • Easy to use- if you love to do things on your own, this pipe cuts easily and could connect to copper as well

Along with these amazing benefits, there are a few drawbacks like it cannot get recycled and it has not been tested to run for a longer period of time.

PVC pipe; polyvinyl chloride

This pipe is used majorly for vent lines or drains plumbing. Initially, it rose to popularity for being light weighted and easy to handle. As compared to the conventional galvanized pipes of steel, PVC is much more friendly to work with. Professional plumbers claim that it could be installed in a slightly easier way and it goes along with solvents. Let’s check out some of the benefits that PVC offers as a Water Supply Pipe.

  • It’s for you- if you are looking for something that is one of the bests and still fits in the budget, go with the PVC
  • Long life- These pipes are mostly used for irrigation as they run for a longer period of time
  • Easy to do the job- it doesn’t create any fuss while working with copper as well as steel

Now when you are familiar with the pros of PVC pipes you might want to get aware of their cons. The cons of PVC pipes are not a big issue, they need to be cut, or they might degrade in the sunlight.

Rigid pipe made of copper

Commonly used in water house connections, rigid pipes of copper can be easily spotted in the supply lines. You can cut it conveniently with the help of a hacksaw or a cutter that is used for cutting copper tubes. These pipes work great for supplying water and it doesn’t bring along any kind of health risk. Have a look at its benefits-

  • It handles heat quite efficiently
  • Doesn’t fails to tackle an intense pressure
  • Easily recycled and holds monetary value even after becoming waste

The benefits mentioned above claim copper pipe to be the best among all. However, it is not an inexpensive kind and while using it you might face difficulties to do the plumbing job yourself.

Now when you get to know some of the major Water Supply pipes available in the market, you might like to know a little more. There is an ABS pipe that is much stronger when compared to PVC, it is great for exterior underground use and cold temperatures.

However, it might not fit in the building code. Along with that, you can also look for flexible connections and the old school iron or steel pipes. Among all the other types of pipes, copper pipes are considered to be best for supplying drinking water. It makes sure that harmful chemicals do not malign your drinking water and cause health issues. Overall, it is suggested for you to buy a pipe for your home water supply that fits your budget as well as your needs.

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