Benefits of energy assessment for your home guide

Benefits of energy assessment for your home guide, Online modern property style advice

The Benefits of Energy Assessment for Your Home

29 Jun 2022

When you conduct an energy audit, you will discover opportunities to save a lot on your energy bills. You will also be able to identify the areas where there’s energy loss. Hence, if you observe an energy bill has increased, you must consider an energy audit report. Later, you will also be able to improve the energy efficiency across your home.

So, we’ve spoken SeedHaus™ in Queensland to learn more about the benefits of assessing energy and why you should use an energy assessor for your home.

Benefits of energy assessment for your home guide

What are the benefits of assessing energy in your house?

Helps reduce the impact of energy use on the environment

Many households are always concerned about the issue of energy consumption. Apart from increasing the cost of bills, the issue also affects the environment. Therefore, when families think about becoming energy-efficient, it is an affordable way to reduce carbon emissions. Eventually, this process helps to play a vital role in helping the planet.

Enhances the value of the property

If you’re considering selling your house in the future, it’s better to go green. As per research, it was found that becoming energy efficient can help increase the property’s value. When it’s time to sell the house, homes that are more energy efficient are appealing to potential conscious buyers.

Aids to improve ventilation and insulation

There are numerous reasons why you will observe energy loss in your house. But, when the energy assessor carries out their inspection, they can find out whether there’s a lack of insulation. Moreover, they will also be able to find gaps in windows and gaps around any doors. If you experience energy performance issues often, the energy auditor can find the root causes and devise a suitable energy-savings plan. This would all be documented in their report.

Helps to save on appliances that consume more energy

When you use many appliances often, it can significantly affect the energy consumption and the overall costs. On the other hand, when the appliances become older, they will run at less efficiency. However, if you think about a replacement, it can help to save considerable money in the long run. Once the auditor inspects the house, they will assess the appliances and estimate the energy usage of each appliance (eg, air conditioners, oven, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, pool pump etc).

Why should you get in touch with an energy assessor?

As soon as the energy assessor visits your home, they will figure out the residence’s energy efficiency rating. In addition to inspecting the property, they will analyse various appliances and areas in the home. Additionally, they will survey the property meticulously and provide a residential efficiency scorecard. As the homeowner reviews the scorecard, they can consider the recommendations to improve energy consumption and performance for their home.

The assessor may also present a detailed energy efficiency report. Such a report will explain how much energy your house consumes in certain areas and appliances. The information will then enable the assessor to assign a star rating to the property. This star rating means that the property is not only cost-effective with the energy consumption but also indicates how comfortable it is to live inside the house.

While the expert assesses the property, they will use a computer simulation known as a BERS. This technique will help determine the indoor air temperature in every room for every hour. Once the expert observes the temperature for 365 days, they can understand the temperature change during every season.

They can later find the areas that are impacting the overall star rating. Through the deemed to satisfy (DTS) solution, the assessor will also determine the design factors and what he needs to do to meet the performance requirements. As the assessor follows a particular process, they will have to move on with the requirements as per the National Construction Code.

Benefits of energy assessment for your home – Summary

To conclude, assessing your home’s energy can help reduce the environmental impact. Once everything is set in place, it can also help increase the property value due to an increase in energy efficiency. The household will also be happy to save money on appliances that consume more energy.

With the help of computer simulation and the DTS solution, the assessor can identify areas with more energy loss. They will also recommend what has to be done to maintain the star rating and the energy efficiency.

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