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Beach House Designs with Bird Control

3 June 2020

Beach house designs with bird control

Beach House Architectural Designs that Incorporate Bird Control

It’s no surprise that people love living near the ocean. There’s lots of water, an abundance of seafood and fun activities for the whole family. However, these same benefits are also the reasons why birds enjoy living near the beach. Although it’s fun to watch seagulls and seabirds flying above the water and diving to catch fish, it’s not as great when pest birds decide to live in your beach house.

So, which architectural beach house designs naturally incorporate bird control, and how can you further improve your home so that pest birds don’t become your house pets? Let’s discuss how birds can impact your family’s health, and what you can do to prevent birds from roosting or nesting on your beach property.

Why should I consider beach house architectural designs that incorporate bird control?

There are two main reasons why you do not want bird pests occupying space on your beach house. First, birds and their droppings carry disease. This can be especially dangerous whenever birds roost or nest near your home’s air and ventilation systems. Not only can they contaminate the air that ventilates through your beach house with bird droppings, but they can also physically block airways.

Whenever there’s a lack of airflow in your home, you risk carbon dioxide build-up. Elevated carbon dioxide not only leads to symptoms like headaches and sleepiness, but it can also potentially cause unconsciousness and death within minutes. By ensuring that your beach home is bird pest free, you’re helping your air and ventilation systems pump clean air throughout your house, without the risk of avian spread diseases.

Second, birds can affect the value of your home. No property owner wants to see a home covered in bird droppings. Besides being unsanitary, bird droppings when wet also create a fall hazard. Additionally, birds and their droppings damage homes. Droppings corrode common building materials such as metal and birds have been known to cause damage to wood and vinyl surfaces.

But those aren’t the only ways that birds can damage your property. Whenever birds nest in dryer vents, they create a fire risk. They also clog drains, leading to water buildup which can cause considerable damage in nearly every section of the house, including the foundation. And if you have solar panels, birds can nest underneath, potentially damaging your roof and your source of electricity. As you can tell, it’s really important to prevent birds from nesting on or near your home for both the safety of your family and to protect your investment. More bird and pigeon information is available at

Which beach house architectural styles naturally incorporate bird control?

Beach bungalows, cottages, and coastal homes are just a few of the styles that are popular on the coasts. But which ones are best for looking to incorporate bird control in their home designs? Here are a couple of beach architectural styles you should consider if you want to avoid bird pests.

The Beach Farmhouse

Farmhouses, at the beach? It’s not something you see every day. However, these aren’t uncommon in coastal cities in California, especially among people who either grew up in a farmhouse or are raising a family on the beach.

With that in mind, how does a beach farmhouse help prevent bird pests? Well, these homes are built to be simple and functional. There are few 90-degree ledges, which otherwise might attract nesting birds. And if you do end up finding bird pests on your property, you can easily remedy them with humane solutions. Visit for more information.

Which additional enhancements can you make to a beach farmhouse? There likely will not be too many places for birds to nest or roost on your farmhouse. However, placing bird-spikes on areas that are flat like your rooftop or around AC units will help deter seabirds and seagulls.

The Beach Cottage

When you think of popular architectural styles on the beach, cottages are probably the first which come to mind. Cottages are usually modest, small, old-fashioned homes.

Most already incorporate bird deterrents by not including large covered overhangs, by excluding exterior window ledges, and by having window shutters that prevent roosting when a home does include window ledges.

It’s also simple to add bird control measures to beach cottages. Bird netting is especially effective at preventing seagull and seagull roosting. It’s also easily installed on your home’s exterior if you have a bird pest problem.

Are you designing your beach house or getting ready to retrofit? If so, it’s a good idea to consider architectural designs that incorporate bird control. It’ll benefit your family’s health and protect your coastal property investment for years to come. And, if there are design features you must have which happen to attract birds, then you can always install external pest control measures like spikes, nets, and sound deterrents to prevent roosting and nesting on and near your property.

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