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Are Architects Prone to Substance Abuse?

post updated 12 February 2024

Are architects prone to substance abuse?

Architects are some of the highly educated individuals in the society and they are known for having a very technical brain. Most of their work requires a lot of brainstorming and critical thinking to ensure no mistake occurs. They also deal with a lot of people from their bosses, laborers to handymen, and other types of people.

As a result, they are always burdened in their heads and they also pile on a lot of projects that require different approaches for them to work. Look at their lives, they are always in association with people and they are always bothered so their vulnerability to stress is always high. Why are they prone to substance abuse? We’ve used some articles from in our research to compile a list of reasons.

21 Aug 2020

Are Architects Prone to Substance Abuse Guide

They mingle with different Types of People

One of the triggers of substance abuse is friends. Architects are people who look for laborers and handymen to do some handy jobs on the construction sites. As they look for these people, the likelihood of them sharing some of their leisure hobbies is high. It could be smoking, drinking, or sniffing, as long as an architect gets the first taste, it is most likely that they would go back for another taste.

Most Architects Close Deals at Drinking Pubs

Architects deal with high-profile people who have multimillion-dollar projects. To close a deal or present a plan, they need to be in a luxurious place where they talk with the client and agree on the way forward. That taste of alcohol that the architects get during the meeting to close business deals is what will drive him to want to drink more and more.

Business meetings involving alcohol are the starting point for alcohol abuse. Such drinking offers cannot be denied especially if you want to show good faith to the client. But, instead of alcohol you can choose something healthier, which will actually help you detox; for example, Detoxify Mega Clean drink described in this review.

Architects Are Always Stressed

Imagine the architects has three or more skyscrapers to deal with from the start to the completion. That is enough to give someone ahead because they will always think about the projects.

From budgeting, workers to materials to be used, and other types of sensitive issues. It is easy for someone to lose control and start consuming drugs. For this reason, architects are always prone to substance abuse and they can start as a way of relieving stress. When someone takes a substance to get rid of stress, it becomes very habitual leading to addiction and dependence.

They Get Lots of Money from the Deals

One thing with architects is that every deal is a score to become richer. They always have access to plenty of money so they can spend on any form of luxury they want.

Having excess money and having pressure from their work, they tend to fall prey to these drugs. Once they get used to the drugs, they will always be consuming them because cash is always available in their pockets. As long as they have access to alcohol, cannabis, or cocaine, it is easy for them to indulge in substance abuse.


Architects are prone to substance abuse because of the many factors listed above. As a result, it is always good for them to be principled in their line of work because they meet a lot of people who in one or another drive them into substance use. The alcohol tossing that they do during business meetings is enough to trigger addiction and dependence. If you don’t take alcohol or you don’t smoke, you have to tell your clients or business partners that you don’t do such substances. Don’t pretend you know them just to please someone or your bosses.

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