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11 June 2019

On the breath-taking architecture of Pakistan’s historic buildings

Pakistan is the richest soil when it comes to historical buildings from both British era as well as from the Mughal times. Furthermore, there are buildings and architecture that make Pakistan stand out from other Asian subcontinent countries.  

The majestic Minar-e-Pakistan stands tall in Lahore, a city which has one of the highest  numbers of historical buildings. The tall building also known as Yaadgar-e-Pakistan is the perfect blend when it comes to a fusion of both Mughal and modern architectural work.  

The tower rises above the land as a five-pointed star made as a building from marble and stones. Moreover, it came into existence after the Lahore Resolution was demanded for the commencement of Pakistan. It holds immense historical value as it was made right before Pakistan came into being.

There are other breath-taking remains as well which make the architecture of Pakistan one of its kind.

Architecture of Hiran Minar

The Hiran Minar is famous for the amazing location and the beautiful environment. Remarkably, the Minar has a wonder of a view when seen from the top when you lay eyes on it. The depth of the area can be seen from the top of the minar and can give the feeling of the Mughal era when looked at the north side of the green patch of forests. While on the West side, irrigated fields of the twentieth century can be seen.

Architecture of Badshahi Mosque

Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in the late nineteenth century constructed The Mighty Baadshahi Mosque, one of the most fascinating sites of major tourist attraction all across the globe. The structure is the best reflection of the Mughal Era. It is the second biggest mosque of the country after the majestic Faisal Mosque in the city of Islamabad. The Badshahi Mosque can accommodate around 50,000 people at once during the prayer time.

Lahore Fort

The all renowned Lahore Fort, also known as the Shahi Qila is located in Punjab, in the city of Lahore. It was constructed during the Mughal Era of the emperor Akbar and was constructed over 20 hectares. The Shahi Qila is the depiction of the colorful traditions of the Mughal architecture. The Lahore Fort consists of famous sites which include Moti Masjid, Naulaka Pavilion, and Alamgiri gate.

Shah Faisal Mosque

Shah Faisal Mosque, located in Islamabad is one of the largest and prestigious mosques built across the globe. Situated in front of the Margalla Hills, it has the capacity to hold over 300,000 people. Designed by the talented Turkish architect named Vedat Dalokay s, the Saudi government funded over 130 million Saudi riyals for its construction.

Shalimar Garden

It is believed that Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built the Shalimar Garden which is originally a Persian Garden. It is located along the famous GT Road which is 5 KM from the main city of Lahore. Another major element are the terraces of the Shalimar Garden which make it stand out from any other garden across Lahore. The fountains at the Shalimar Garden are the major highlight of the places. It is not only the fountains and terraces of the garden but the overall architecture of the site makes it one of a kind.

Tomb of Mohammad Ali Jinnah (Mazar-e-Quaid)

The Mazar-e-Quaid is one of the most beautiful mausolea across the entire city of Karachi. It is the grave of the founder of the nation, Mohammad Ali Jinnah and acts as the utmost remembrance in the hearts of the common people across the country. The building was designed by the architect, Yahya Merchant.

Lahore Museum

Going back to the British era, the Lahore Museum was constructed back in 1865. The museum first became famous back in this British novel Kim authored by Rudyard Kipling. His father was one of the early days’ curators of the Lahore Museum. The museum has history attached to it in form of Mughal era specimen.

Ufone Tower, Islamabad

The two most noticeable buildings at the Jinnah avenue is the Ufone Tower. There are two major noticeable towers which include Ufone towers and the stock exchange building. There are numerous offices, restaurants and gyms.

Centaurus, Islamabad

The gigantic man-made structure of Centaurus in Islamabad is tallest skyscraper of the city. There are three skyscraper buildings which are incorrected to each other and to the shopping mall as well. Each building consists of 32 floors and the total cost of the building is around $350 million. The construction of Centaurus started back in 2005 and the project finished during 2011. There are shopping malls, corporate offices, residential apartment and much more in the 3 buildings.

Pakistan has a history both modern as well as pre-partition architecture which makes the country a mix of history and modernism. Residents across the country have different preferences when it comes to making locality decisions while buying or selling a place. There’s an upward trend in the use of online platforms like Zameen.com for buying, selling and property rental across Pakistan. There’s a varied preference towards both local as well as heritage buildings which carry historical value.

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