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What Architects can do to Expand their Business Abroad

23 October 2023

Architects can Expand their business abroad

Architecture is a trade that’s in demand just about everywhere in the world. With more people to house, and more businesses seeking to set up new premises, there will always be a need for new buildings. In certain parts of the world, this need is particularly pressing.

Architects based in the UK might, therefore, seek to expand their businesses and to put those lucrative foreign markets within reach. But exactly how might this be done? Let’s take a look at some worthwhile preparatory steps.

Market research analysis

It’s vital that you form a strong understanding of the market into which you’re going to be expanding. This will allow you to assess your competitors, and the demand for your services. In some cases, there might be hidden obstacles that will thwart you. Knowing about these in advance will allow you to more easily avoid them.

Legal and regulatory compliance

Different territories come with different regulatory systems. This applies especially to construction, where regulations can differ both subtly and significantly. What can be done freely in one territory might require a licence of permit in another. Certifications that are recognised in one place might not carry any weight in another.

Understanding these differences will allow you to do business in a new territory without suffering reputational or legal damage. While the latter can be more damaging in the short term, the effects of the former can be just as bad in the long run.

Dealing with the right people

Doing business effectively overseas means talking to the right people. No one person or organisation can be expected to know every cultural nuance that separates one territory from another. For this reason, the involvement of an expert, outside consultant is often worthwhile. Look for a firm that specialises in setting up businesses in different territories, and look for a proven track record in expansion and overseas trade.

Cultural adaptation and local expertise

The differences between countries aren’t limited to the law and the regulatory environment. They’re often more fundamental, being instilled in the very culture. If you understand how people think and act, then you’ll stand a better chance of collaborating effectively with them. Often, those differences are stark. But they might also be subtle. Being able to recognise them might afford you a significant advantage.

This is another area where the input of the right expertise can be critical. In this case, it’s local expertise that we’re concerned with. The right local professional might be able to point you toward a new project or opportunity, while attending an industry-specific conference might allow you to learn more about how you’re going to approach the business in the years to come.

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Screw Factory Boiler House, Areál Šroubáren, Libcice nad Vltavou, Czech Republic, Central Eastern Europe
Design: Atelier Hoffman
Screw Factory Boiler House in Libcice nad Vltavou
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Screw Factory Boiler House

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