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Amazing Tricks to Help Clean Your Bathroom help

24 Nov 2019

Amazing tricks to help clean your bathroom

Nobody wants to clean their bathroom but it has to be done. No matter, whether you are living in a family or with roommates, it is unavoidable. The matter is how much time it will take? This article is prepared with collaboration with eMop, the service that helps to find a cleaner in London. We are going to talk about simple tips and tricks to get this task done in less time. Many things in your house can help clean your bathrooms such as bleach, lemons, and a broom.

Use Mouthwash

Mouthwash is a helpful thing not only to clean teeth but can also help clean the toilet. The expert says that its use can help get the porcelain white color of your toilet back. Take some mouthwash and pour it in the toilet. After 35 to 45 minutes, scrub it away.

Lemon on Chrome

One of the things that makes your toilet dirty is the water spots. You cannot avoid water spots in a toilet but you can get rid of them easily. Every house has a lemon in their kitchen. So, take it and rub in on the chrome fixtures and these water drops will disappear. Moreover, it will help mask any smell in the bathroom.

Deep Clean with A Screwdriver

Toilet is no doubt one of the dirtiest and hardest to clean places in the house. There are many places in the toilet where you cannot reach easily. You can reach these places with the help of a screwdriver. Just take it and remove any screws around the tank and clean it properly. Moreover, you can cover the end with disinfectant to reach crannies and nooks.

Restore Mirror’s

One of the important things in a bathroom is a mirror. Nobody wants a dirty mirror in their toilet. There is no point in cleaning the bathroom without cleaning it. Dust and water stains, make it foggy. A simple solution for cleaning it is black tea. Boil some water and pour black tea in it. After that, let it cool and use this solution to clean the mirror. The tea will dissolve any spots and dirt from the surface.

Toothbrush Holder in Dishwasher

Another thing is the toothbrush holder that gets dirty with guck and grime. But cleaning it is very simple. just put it in a dishwasher and clean it.

Cleaning Bathtub

Cleaning the bathtub is also very simple. You do not need to waste your time sponge the entire tub. You can cover it in soap and scrub it with a broom. Scrub it until the suds are gone and use a bathtub cleaning brush. A sponge can also work but you can do it in half time using a broom.

Nail Polish for Rust

Water can increase the chances of rust inside the shower. The rust marks are not easy to clean and can take much time removing stains. You can clean it by painting a coat of nail polish. It will work on any item that has the potential to rust.

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