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Aesthetics in the Bathroom

20 Feb 2020

Aesthetics in the Bathroom

Aesthetics in the Bathroom Design Guide

In the past, the bathroom was often thought of as a more functional space. Nowadays, you can consider your bathroom as an important feature room in your house and a space where you can impress your guests. Afterall, even if you don’t give them a tour of your house, chances are they will end up there anyway.

The bathroom is an important room in the house. Think about the amount of time we shower and bathe in there too? I wonder how many famous ideas started off in the shower or the bath?

Essentially all were saying is, the bathroom is an integral and important room in the house which will add a lot of value to your property.

With a brilliant range of materials and bathroom furniture like shower wall panels to choose from it is the perfect room to display your personality and show your creative flare.

Even if you do not want to redesign your whole bathroom, just a few simple changes to the bathrooms design can transform this room into the wonderful calming space you desire.

And if you’re limited by space, don’t worry. There are a few tips that can be used in even the smallest of bathrooms to make this room into an eye-catching feature that will be the talking point of all of your friends.

A Minimalist Bathroom Design

There are many incredible bathroom aesthetics that can be used to create the perfect minimalist styled room that will provide the ultimate luxurious feel and result in an amazing space that will leave guests speechless.

A minimalist bathroom is produced as the result of being able to declutter your bathroom space. So to achieve this, it is essential that you are able to find effective storage solutions.

The use of sleek shiny bathroom vanity units are the perfect solution to every person’s storage needs, as it allows toiletries to be kept out of sight and results in an inviting bright functional space. Your personality can still be added to these amazing bathrooms by the inclusion of special personal details, such as flowers or plants that will add individual character.

Check out Bella Bathrooms as they have a great selection of vanity units at an affordable price.

There are many different options for creating a minimalist look but a popular choice is to use sharp clean lines to emphasise the resulting space. The clever use of a light marble feature wall fits perfectly with the smart white bathroom furniture and reflects the light to highlight the amazing space that this bathroom provides.

The marble colour effect is also perfect for adding a pattern of unpredictable colour that enhances the straightforward lines of the rest of the bathroom. This effect is also perfect for using alongside any plain coloured units, as it will inject exciting character into the room. Marble gives a smart feel to every bathroom, so along with being easy to keep clean, it is the perfect material to include when you are looking to achieve that professional finish.

Aesthetics in the Bathroom

Traditional Bathroom Aesthetics

The classic styled bathroom with a traditional freestanding bathtub and sink units may not be for everyone but it does make a lovely bathroom feature with a stylish finish. This style allows the décor to be kept simple as it is the fabulous small details that really make this a special bathroom.

You will require quite a large space to pull this off but if you can it’s well worth it.

When looking for bathroom units that have these incredible aesthetic features you will not be able to beat these traditional freestanding baths. The gold plated feet have wonderful intricate detail that really set this style bathroom apart from other more modern styles and to finish off the room the beautiful classic style gold taps will certainly attract the attention of your guests.

Traditional bathrooms are great for providing an instant luxurious feel and often the bathroom units have softer and more rounded lines to provide a unique and calm feel. The great benefit of the classic bathroom design is that any bathroom can be transformed to give a traditional feel. You can keep the design simple by changing just the bathroom units or for a bigger renovation can incorporate changing the rest of the décor to create a stunning feature.

Attention to detail is key to make the most of the traditional design, as small details such as a classic radiator can really set the tone of the room. Combine this beautiful bathroom with a wonderful wooden towel rail and metal candle stand and you will have created the perfect traditional bathroom. There are many wonderful extra details that you can add to these rooms, from light fittings to bathroom accessories, so you will be certain to create a fabulous unique design.

Over recent years the traditional style bathroom has made a comeback as people enjoy the extra space that the freestanding bath provides and they love the simplistic feel that these rooms can give. So this will ensure that your newly designed bathroom will be the talking point of all of your friends.

Aesthetics in the Bathroom

The Monochrome Style

The use of black features in your bathroom may not be a colour that you would have chosen to use first. However, you can create an incredible space with the clever use of a monochrome colour palette. When used correctly, these simple colours can create a sophisticated space and modern feel to your bathroom.

It is an easy effect to achieve with the use of black tiles for the walls and a contrasting white bathroom suite to finish off the look. This monochrome effect is a bathroom design that is quickly gaining popularity, so is sure to create the perfect bathroom feature that is an ideal selling point if you are looking to move house.

The only limitation of the use of these stunning black colours is that you need sufficient space and light in your bathroom to enhance the monochrome effect but a careful design will allow this monochrome feature to be successfully achieved in the majority of bathrooms. For example, the use of a cleverly placed mirror can make all the difference to the overall finish of your bathroom.

If you enjoy the modern effect of clean straight lines then you will love the finish of black tiles that meet at perpendicular angles for an unusual but appealing feel. The use of white grout will give the perfect contrasting finish to the walls of this stunning bathroom that can easily be incorporated into your new bathroom design. For maximum effect the use of light coloured floor can make the most of the space available in your bathroom to really make this design work for you. The monochrome bathroom is a surprisingly easy effect to achieve and will give impressive results in every bathroom.

Another example of the effective use of black and white colours in bathrooms is the Insignia steam showers Monochrome range. Here, the traditional white shower tray is retained, but this is contrasted with a black slatted floor insert and stool. The interior wall panels are also white, but the shower framework is black. The monsoon shower head and hand shower are also black, thus altogether creating a clean contemporary look

Property washroom design

Making the Most of Natural Features

If you are looking for a simple way to create a statement feature in your bathroom then uncovering the hidden brickwork behind the plaster on your walls can be a cheap way of transforming your bathroom, while also giving it a beautiful natural feel. By exposing even the commonly used plain red bricks can have a stunning effect on any bathroom. The use of a brick wall can easily introduce the appealing brick effect pattern with its predictable straight lines, while also making use of the bricks natural colours to provide a welcome splash of colour.

For that extra special character then you can go one step further and consider the addition of a natural stone wall that is perfect for even the most minimalist bathroom styles. The soft grey colour of this spectacular wall has a wonderful calming characteristic that is ideal for every busy household, while the texture effect of the clever brickwork provides a unique feel that will mesmerise guests.

The unpredictable shape of the stones that are incorporated into the wall compliment the sharp straight line features of any modern bathroom. The appeal of this fantastic feature wall is that you are not limited to décor ideas or furniture options if you choose this wall for your bathroom. It really is a versatile feature that can be used in every bathroom to give that extra special touch. Moreover, you can add a canvas art print on the wall to give it contrast and added elegance. Click here for a complete guide on choosing the perfect bathroom art.

You do not have to be limited to stone or brick wall features as the bolder designers will be rewarded for considering a wooden wall to provide a unique stunning feature. Wood provides a warm addition of colour, making it the perfect addition to all bathrooms no matter what the décor or colour scheme is. It will brighten up every space and provide special character to every room while often providing softer lines from the usual straight lines of the exposed brick wall. This idea is certainly going to increase in popularity as people see the wonderful results that this feature wall produces.

Aesthetics in the Bathroom

The Wood Effect

Often when designing bathrooms the use of wood as a bathroom feature can be overlooked for more commonly used materials. However, if you are looking to create a truly unique and stunning room then you should consider this amazing material. There are a number of ways that you can include wood in your bathroom design, so you can choose a simple feature or even try a creative work of art.

Alongside the previously mentioned wood feature wall there is also the option to use a natural wood floor or even wood units to add that all important character to a room. Wooden bathroom furniture can be added to every bathroom as it will match most colour schemes while adding a soft tone of colour to bathrooms that may lack colour.

These wooden pieces are sturdy and practical and can make great long lasting units for every bathroom. They also make the perfect storage units for those who are looking to create a minimalist bathroom while also providing unique character allowing all wooden features to also fit seamlessly into a traditional bathroom. These lovely wooden features are truly versatile so will make a stunning addition to every bathroom.

Aesthetics in the Bathroom

Adding Mosaic Tiles to Every Bathroom

If you are looking for ways to add personality to your bathroom then tiles are the perfect way to achieve this, as you are unlimited with the patterns and colour combinations that you can add. It may be that you want to use these wonderful mosaic tiles as part of a small feature wall or you might want to be bold and use them on your walls and floor. There really is no limit to the finished result when designing the bathroom décor using mosaic tiles.

Along with being practical and easy to clean, these mosaic tiles are a popular addition to many modern bathrooms due to the unique finish that these tiles guarantee. It is an easy way to incorporate a chosen colour and brighten up a plain bathroom or they can be used to really make a statement. The brilliance of using mosaic tiles is that they can be used in every bathroom space no matter how big or small.

Mosaic tiles are perfect for creating sharp straight lines with a strong regular pattern that will make your bathroom stand out. This is great for complimenting other straight line features that you may have in your bathroom but it will also contrast any smoother rounded lines making it a versatile pattern that can be used in every bathroom. The fantastic result of combining lighter and darker mosaic colours together can create a stunning effect that reflects the light to make the most of every bathroom space. Mosaics are a great option for everyone who is considering a bathroom renovation.

Aesthetics in the Bathroom

What to Consider When Planning to Renovate a Bathroom?

If you are planning to upgrade your bathroom and bring any of the above styles into your home there are a few steps you should take before getting your bathroom installed.

The first thing you should think about is a clear vision of your requirements and the budget you want to spend. It can be very easy to overspend when upgrading your bathroom.

When planning your bathroom try to keep all of the pipework in the same place. This will cut down on costs a bit since the installers won’t have to move where your toilet plumbing was previously.

Also in terms of style, you try to align all of the new components of your bathroom together. This could be as simple as opting for all traditional fixtures over contemporary or bringing your bathroom together

And finally no matter what you do make sure that your new bathroom offers all of the functionality and style you want from it as bathrooms last around 10-15 years on average between remodels.

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