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Adding Some Character To A Newer Property

7 May 2021

The question of newer or older homes can be very divisive. Some people prefer the character and durability of an older home, while others prefer the convenience and blank canvas of a new build.

But is there a way to blend the two? With many incentives targeted towards new build buyers, they can make a perfect home. And the wonderful thing about new builds is that blank canvas gives you the freedom to achieve many things, including a more classic decor style.

Take a look at some ideas for adding some character to a newer property.

Adding some character to a newer property
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Install some statement light fittings

Light fittings can help make a great first impression, drawing the eye and catching the light. Chandeliers and other grand light fittings are a classic feature in older homes, complete with ceiling lavender roses and other fine details. If you want to add a grander touch to your home, then some statement light fittings could be just the ticket. You could even have some luck looking for a vintage fixing to give an even more authentic touch.

Use wooden flooring to add a classic style

There’s a reason why wooden flooring is timeless. It adds character, is durable and is neutral to fit in with most styles of decor.

Adding wooden flooring in a newer home can give it a classic look, while also being right at home in more modern properties. Wooden flooring looks exquisite, and solid wood flooring ensures an attractive finish. This type of flooring is also easy to install in new build homes, helping you add some detail in no time at all.

Opt for a shaker-style kitchen

Having the option to choose your own fixtures and fittings is one of the most appealing elements of buying a new build home. But if you want to add a more traditional touch to your property, you can’t go wrong with a shaker kitchen. This popular style is timeless, and will allow you to choose decor that matches your classic tastes.

Add panelling and coving

Panelling and coving are common features in older properties, particularly Victorian terraces. They have a luxurious look that makes them very appealing.

Panelling and coving have had a resurgence of late, with more and more people installing panelled walls and features in their homes. By adding some panelling to areas like your hallway or living space, you can add plenty of character that will set your home apart from the typical new build. Take a look at some panelling inspiration to give you some ideas.

Adding Some Character To A Newer Property Summary

Adding character to a newer home can be easier than you think. Focusing on the smaller details can help add a touch of grandeur, while also adding interest to your rooms. Choose accessories that complement your decor and invoke a vintage style to help you create your classic, character-filled home, no matter when it was built.

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