8 ways to create a difference with internal doors

8 Ways to Create a Difference with Your Internal Doors, Interior Design Images

8 Ways to Create a Difference with Internal Doors

The Doors in our Homes don’t have to be all Function and no Style – Architectural Article by Houzz

1 Mar 2017

The doors in our homes don’t have to be all function and no style. Here are some ideas that will really make an entrance

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Anna Tobin, Houzz Contributor

8 Ways to Create a Difference with Your Internal Doors Tips

When it comes to internal doors, it can be easy to simply buy a set off-the-shelf options from the local DIY store. Once they’re painted and fitted, we often don’t give them another thought. However, if you’d prefer the entrances in your home to stand out, these 10 great opening numbers will inspire you to plan your own big reveal.

1 Lambourn Road

Slide them out of sight
If you want the option of opening up a space or dividing it into two separate rooms, double doors that slide into pockets in the wall are particularly effective. This smart pair of sliding doors can be pulled together to create a more intimate living space and then opened out when you’re entertaining a crowd.

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Un Grand salon cosy

Make your door multi-task
Secret bookcase doors have a magical air about them, and can be extremely practical, too. Here, the rows of shelves running up the door add more storage room to the library.

Such doors have to be cleverly designed, however, to hold the weight of the books securely and still be relatively light to open and close. Enlist a professional to help you get the balance right.

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London Duplex Apartment

Go through the looking glass
For an Alice in Wonderland-style entrance, opt for a mirrored door. Not only will it add a glamorous Art Deco feel to your room, it will also help to bounce the light around and make the space feel larger. This door is part of a mirrored feature wall for extra drama.

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Talbot Road

Double them up
You can throw them open to announce your presence, then let them swing back dramatically, so there’s something deliciously decadent about double internal doors. They do require a slightly larger opening than standard designs, but are well worth the sacrificing. This pair has been given added oomph with striking geometric glazed panelling.


Consider some shutters
Inject some southern Mediterranean style into your home with wooden shutters as doors, used singularly or as a pair. The vintage-style doors shown here complement the low-level Moroccan-style seating and provide a lovely contrast to the modern architecture of the building.

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Fold doors away
In a small, open-plan room, bifolding doors may be a more practical option than pocket sliding ones, which can take up quite a bit of internal wall space. Here, this divider concertinas out to create an instant wall for a private living space, and can be folded back when the guests outnumber the sofa seating.

Bolingbroke Grove

Take the Narnia approach
Discreet doors are particularly effective as entrances into en suite bathrooms or dressing rooms in the bedroom. Here, what appears to be a wardrobe door actually opens into the bathroom beyond.

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17th Century Thatched Cottage
Photo by Icon Interiors Ltd – Browse country kids’ room ideas

Open up the past
If you live in a period property, a door that’s in keeping with the time of its build will feel naturally at home. Historically, before burglar alarms and central heating were invented, more thought was put into the design of internal doors to ensure they’d secure the home and keep out draughts.

Dig up a chunky original at your local architectural salvage yard. A sturdy barn door finishes off this loft room perfectly.

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