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7 Tips To Make Your Home Sparkle

18 Feb 2021

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Your home should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but it should be functional and comfortable too. It may come quite as a surprise but simply ensuring that your home is clean will already do wonders when it comes to those three aspects.

This article lists down some simple tips on how to make your home sparkle to ensure that it is not only visually pleasing, but it is cozy and functional too.

1. Clean your Kitchen

7 Tips To Make Your Home Sparkle

One of the first things that you need to do to make your home sparkle is to ensure that your kitchen is clean. However, this may prove to be quite challenging and time-consuming, particularly if you intend to perform deep cleaning. With a busy schedule, perhaps the best solution is to consider the services of a cleaning company like MaidForYou to save you the time necessary for cleaning. In this way, you are sure that your kitchen cabinets are scrubbed and your sink drain is kept hygienic.

2. Shine your Bathroom

As soon as your kitchen is spic and span, the next room that you need to focus on is your bathroom. Since this is typically used every day at any time of the day, make sure that your household members, even your guests, are comfortable in using it. Your shower curtain or liner should be washed and your shower walls should also be cleaned. For the latter, you can leverage homemade cleaning solutions such as vinegar and dish soap.

3. Invigorate your Living Room

7 Tips To Make Your Home Sparkle

If there are certain strains on the fabric of your sofa, you can use dish soap to get rid of them instantly. There is also the option for you to iron out your carpet stains but you need to spray it with a mixture of one part vinegar and two parts water beforehand. Keep in mind that your living room is one of the primary rooms where you spend time with your household members, as well as where you host your guests.

4. Warm-up your Bedroom

Your bedroom should exude a relaxing feel and this can prove to be quite challenging if it is filled with clutter, preventing it from sparkling. In this case, what you can do is clean your blinds with a sock to minimize the dust that has accumulated in them. Alongside this, you can also use a lint roller to get the dust off your lampshades. Make sure to also wash your bedding and linen periodically to prevent bed bugs from infiltrating your comfort zone.

5. Tidy up your Closet

7 Tips To Make Your Home Sparkle

When it comes to your closet, the first thing that you need to do is to declutter it. It will help to have three buckets or boxes in front of you, with one for the things that you need to keep, another for the things that you can sell or give away, and the last one for the things that you need to store. After decluttering, you will find it easier to clean and organize your closet, which will add to the sparkle of your bedroom and your overall home.

6. Don’t Forget your Garage

If you have a garage, make sure that you take the time to clean it too because it is still part of your home. In this case, you need to dust and wash everything, which means that you need to schedule it because the cleaning duration may take longer period. Start from the top then work your way down, scrubbing your walls with soap or degreasing agent as necessary. After this, mop your floor to get rid of the rest of the dirt that accumulated in your garage.

7. Maintain other Rooms

Finally, make sure to maintain the other rooms in your home too, which may include your basement, as well as your attic if applicable. In these rooms, clean your light bulbs and wash your window tracks. You can also suck up the cobwebs with a vacuum hose and donate the rest of the things that you no longer need to store in these rooms. In this way, you will have more space that you can use for other purposes such as a home office perhaps.

To make your home sparkle, make sure that you focus on every room of your home, starting with your kitchen, all the way to your bathroom and living room, as well as your bedrooms. You should not miss out on your closet too while you are in the bedroom, as well as your garage and the other rooms in your home. When your home is spic and span, it will sparkle naturally and for sure, you will be amazed.

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