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7 Tallest Skyscrapers Under Construction

9 September 2022

As a result of the global issues of crowded areas and the inability to accommodate the worldwide people working and living in the crowded urban regions. Architects have been studying the skyscraper paradigm over the years, combining commercial properties with public facilities within apartment complexes to provide renters with an all-in-one experience.

7 Tallest skyscrapers under construction

While skyscrapers offer various solutions to urban problems, several governments worldwide have begun enacting laws that prohibit their development because they claim they endanger people, wildlife, and the environment. However, we can see some of the tallest skyscrapers under construction as we look ahead.

So, let’s take a look at some of the tallest skyscrapers under construction around the world!

7 Tallest Skyscrapers Under Construction in the world


MERDEKA Tower Malaysia skyscraper

The tallest skyscraper in Asia currently under construction is the 644-meter MERDEKA in Malaysia. As one of the world’s most prominent skyscrapers, it could become the world’s tallest building.

It will house penthouses, condominiums, offices, hotels, and a viewing platform. Despite a brief halt to tower construction in the middle of 2010, work is resumed as the nation’s lockdown restrictions loosened. Its 144-meter tower will soon rise, making it the second-tallest structure in the world, surpassing Shanghai Tower. The 111th level of the building has already been finished.

Jeddah Tower

Jeddah Tower building KSA

This structure on the list of tallest skyscrapers under construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, will likely surpass the one-kilometer limit, and not just because Adrian Smith planned it and Sheikh AL Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia is funding its development.

The Jeddah Tower is an expanse of glass and steel whose triangular shape resembles the leaves of a palm tree, designed by Smith as a counterpart to the Burj. A proposed helipad will be located on the 157th floor of this skyscraper, which will also feature a brand-new type of lift with swift double-decker cabins that are spread between floor levels by an innovative carbon composite cable.

Wuhan Greenland Tower

Wuhan Greenland Tower China

One of China’s tallest skyscrapers under construction is located in the center of the country. It has a distinctive, curvy design, a tripod structure that curves and becomes a dome to minimize aerodynamic drag. It is being managed by the company Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill Architects. The building presents a fluid form, minimizing the project’s material impact, from the opulent lobbies to the glass-encased edges. In addition, a private club area will be located at the peak of this multi-use exceptionally high building to heighten the feeling of luxury further.

The Wuhan Greenland Center, which was supposed to exceed the Tokyo Skytree by 2 meters and become the second-tallest fabricated building in the world, has given a different future. When the skyscraper reached its 96th level, construction was stopped, and Chinese authorities asked for a redesign since it was obvious that it may violate aviation limitations. With this new height, the building will fall from second to fifteenth in terms of height.

Greenland Shandong Center

The Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill (SOM) designed Greenland Shandong Center will easily surpass the 333-meter Jinan Center Financial City as Jinan’s tallest skyscraper. The 530-meter Tianjin CTF Finance Centre, an entirely distinctive tower whose curved exterior is the product of methods employed to enhance construction integrity, is one of the iconic structures SOM has so far constructed in China.

Grand Rama 9 Tower

Grand Rama 9 Tower Bangkok

This is one of those tallest skyscrapers under construction that will put an exclamation point on Bangkok’s perpetual development as a regional center by serving as a representation of recent improvements in the Thai city, such as the transport lines that connect outer suburbs to the commercial district that are currently in progress. The upcoming icon, which will be Southeast Asia’s tallest structure and be named after a well-known Thai ruler, will have a luxurious six-star hotel becoming a focal point of the central city since it has a planning process by Skidmore Owings & Merrill (SOM).

The Chengmai Center

The Chengmai Center, which rises 388 meters above Shenzhen, China’s answer to Silicon Valley, has already reached its peak height and is undergoing final details. Before its reduction, the skyscraper’s commercial building’s initial height was already exceeding 520 meters.

Despite this apparent simplicity, the skyscraper will nevertheless occupy its portion of the Shenzhen horizon. This city is already home to some of the world’s tallest structures, such as the 441-meter-tall KK100 and the 599-meter-tall Ping An Finance Center, which is the 2nd tallest structure in Asia.

City Tower Dubai

The Dubai City Tower is one of the tallest skyscrapers under construction structures that has ever been planned. Upon completion, the structure will be three times higher than the Burj Khalifa, the current tallest structure in the world, and seven times higher than The Empire State Building. Its design includes a vertical passenger train traveling at 125 mph and 400 stories. In addition, six external structures link to the building’s interior structure per 100 levels.

7 Tallest skyscrapers under construction – Conclusion

The skyscrapers, as mentioned earlier, are some of the tallest skyscrapers under construction in the world. These skyscrapers have every luxury a man can think of inside them.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons and Unsplash

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