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6 great ways to make your home healthier help

2 Mar 2020

make your home healthier kitchen for cooking

Are you aware that you can increase fertility by letting in more light in your home? Did you know that kitchens can cause overheating? Did you know that your best whole house humidifier can be used to protect your baby’s skin? There are all sorts of ingenious tips you can harness to make your home more healthy. Let’s look at six of the best.

1.  Your kitchen should be for cooking

Your kitchen is the hub of family life. Most people will eat there at least 12% of the day. However, sometimes it can be a messy place that isn’t even used for cooking. Here’s how to make it the healthiest room in the house:

  • Only have healthy food in plain sight.
  • Put a clear goal of fruit at an eye level so that everyone can reach for some.
  • Don’t have too many stools or chairs that can get in the way. Stools and chairs will also increase the likelihood that you’ll hang out and snack before meals.
  • Serve your food on an individual plate rather than taking enormous dishes to the table. If you do this, you’ll cut down on seconds.

2. Utilise small plates

If you think about it, the larger the plate, the smaller the portion is perceived by the brain. Smaller plates will naturally make you reach satiety with a smaller portion of food. There are studies that have concluded that swapping out a 12-inch plate for a 10-inch one usually makes you eat 20% less to feel just as full.

3. Blackout curtains

Are you waking up much too early? It is often tempting to put up a blackout curtains so that daylight isn’t going to disturb you, however, natural light has a profound influence on our circadian rhythm. It is natural light that controls our wake/sleep cycle and adjusts our immune response. Blackout curtains have a tendency to alter our body clock which in turn affects our sleep negatively.

4. Understand the colour of your dishes

It is crucial that you match the correct colour of plate to food in order to prevent overeating. If there is a lack of contrast, this can increase certain sizes by around 20%. As an example, a white plate with white rice on it will not limit portion control, so try using a blue plate to notice how much rice there is.

5. Dim your lights

When you have your lights too bright in your house, this is fine in the day that can hinder your ability to sleep at night. Dim your lights before bed as blue light exposure suppresses melatonin production and has effects on our sleep cycle. You should dim the lights at least an hour before bedtime.

6 great ways to make your home healthier Advice bedroom interior design

6. Turn it down before bed!

Ideally, your bedroom should be around 65 degrees Fahrenheit in order to have a great night’s sleep. The fluctuation in body temperature is highly connected to your sleep cycle. It will be lowest at around 4 am and will slowly climb up as the day progresses. If you’re too hot at night, this will cause the natural body temperature to dip and will result in a restless night.

Great tips you won’t find in ordinary blogs

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our six fantastic tips. Hopefully, you can try them out in your home soon. They are bound to bring you a healthier home and will improve everybody’s lives. All the best!

Are there any tips you feel with left out? Help by telling us in the comments section below.

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