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5 Excellent Reasons To Use Combi Boilers At Home

27 Dec 2020

5 reasons to use combi boilers at home
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Can Your Boiler Do This? 5 Excellent Reasons To Use Combi Boilers At Home

How’s it going? Do you want to read something exciting? Then this one’s for you!

Have you ever heard about combi boilers? Not yet? Then today’s your lucky day because this article will give you some excellent reasons why you should have a combi boiler at home. If you have one already, then you’re fantastic! But if you don’t have one yet, then you’re missing out big time.

The word combi is short for the word combination. It’s called a combination boiler or combi boiler because it has two combined functions, water heater and central heating. This unique feature made combi boilers in demand in most UK households, and it’s making its wave on the rest of the world. Read below to know more.

Combi Boilers Are Very Affordable

Compared to other boilers, such as the regular and system boilers, a combi boiler is much cheaper. Combi Boilers prices vary depending on the type, and a guarantee is that combi boilers are economical and budget-friendly. Imagine utilizing two main functions of a boiler into one, cheaper type! Blimey!

Also, combi boilers are not that complex to use compared to traditional ones. That’s why its installation tends to be affordable. And because of its wide availability, its replacement parts are easier to find should there be any need for repair. Moreover, installation time for replacement or repairs is lesser than traditional boiler repairs and adds to its cheaper feature.

They Are More Efficient

When speaking of efficiency, combi boilers are number one on the list, and they are made to be highly efficient compared to older models. This is because combi boilers give rise to condensation to produce more energy; therefore, creating less waste. Combi boilers also have the highest efficiency level in the market with 92%! Meaning you only leave 8% of your carbon footprint.

When it comes to energy efficiency, combi boilers will never disappoint you. If you replace your old boiler now with a new combi boiler, you’re more likely to save 300 euros or 365 USD on your energy bill every year! A smart homeowner such as yourself will undeniably see the efficiency of combi boilers. You’ll be chuffed to bits on this one!

Doesn’t Take Too Much Space

One main complaint about conventional boilers is that they are very bulky and tend to take up a lot of space in your house. But with combi boilers, it will leave you with plenty of room to spare because it doesn’t need a separate water tank or another cylinder. You will frequently read reviews that combi boilers are compact, meaning it is a single combined unit.

Because of their compact size, combi boilers are ideal for houses with a limited storage capacity for boiler setup. No wonder that most households shift to combis. It can even fit on your kitchen cupboard! Say goodbye to bulky and oversized boilers and say hello to compact, more appealing combi boilers.

Easier To Install

Combi boilers are also easier to install compared to conventional ones. It is quicker to install because combi boilers are an all-in-one compact unit, meaning there’s no need to insert other elements or pieces. In contrast with an old boiler model, wherein a lot of pipework is needed, combi boilers are directly added to your water mains, meaning less work is required.

Also, its popularity made boiler engineers and installers to study and be familiar with combi boilers. That’s why you can rely on installers to fix your combi boiler in the most comfortable, most practical way. And here’s the catch, you can even install it yourself! Follow the simple instructions that go along with it and, you can now enjoy yourself with a hot bath in no time!

Combi Boilers Are Much More Cleaner

For comparison, traditional boilers use another tank or cylinder for water storage, making the water susceptible to sludge and debris. You also need to wait for the stored water to drain out before you can refill it.

Also, traditional boilers are prone to kettling, caused by hard water, which causes the water to get trapped in the pipes. This results in the rumbling sound we usually hear when using old model boilers, making the water less sterile and unsafe for drinking. Frankly, the list goes on and on about traditional boilers not producing cleaner water to drink.

On the other hand, combi boilers are directly installed on the mains supply and not stored in a separate tank, meaning the water is guaranteed safe to drink. This is one advancement from boiler models that a combi boiler has. Utilizing combi boilers can also prevent kettling, which can save you from future expenses on repairs. Honestly, this feature alone is enough for most households to shift to combi boilers. A smashing quality indeed!

5 reasons to use combi boilers Takeaway

A smart consumer like you should invest in your home boiler before it’s too late. Sure, traditional boilers had put their name in the market, but new ones like the combi boiler have more to offer and new features to boast. Make use of the information above to decide what boiler to purchase, and fancy a combi boiler today!

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