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5 Must-Haves for Your Home Theater Setup

22 Jan 2021

With the advancement in technology, things, especially electronics, have been changed a lot. There was a time when people have to wait in long rows to get the tickets for their favorite movies. Now, you can watch movies and seasons on your TV or phone. The trend of going to the cinema has been changed.

5 must-haves in your Home Theater setup

And especially with the pandemic happening, many people have turned to online streaming. So, to enjoy the perks of watching movies with almost the same cinematic quality, you can set up your home theater. Here are some of the essentials you should have for setting up the home-theater:


You may have observed the environment of the cinema. Have you ever wondered why you like to watch movies there? It is because of the dim lights and the heavy sound quality. Due to which the dialogues of the movie are so clear that anyone sitting at the last seat enjoys the movie equally.  They turn off all the lights and enhance the volume which is why you enjoy watching movies at the theater. So, to have a similar environment at home, you can buy dimmable lights. You can get them online as well and they are pretty price-friendly.


Probably one of the most important things without which you can’t even set up a cinema in your home is a TV screen or a projector. You can not go with an ordinary screen to set a theater. So, we recommend you to go for 4K or above, not less than these. A clear screen having a high resolution is the best choice for enjoying the best-quality visuals.

The height/width of the TV and resolution matters the most. To get a perfect-size TV, you can measure the length (inches) between the TV screen and the sitting area. Divide that distance with three, it’ll give you an estimation of the screen-size.

Floorstanding Speakers

The one thing in which you should invest the most is speakers. They play a huge role in making the entire watching and listening experience immersive. If you have a fine-quality projector or television screen, you can get floorstanding speakers under 5000 bucks to make the audio pop and match what you’re watching on-screen.

Comfortable seats

Whether you’re watching a movie or a TV series, you will have to sit for hours on end on your couch or bed. As such, you know you should have comfortable seats. So, it will be really good to get some home-cinema seating to watch the movies with complete comfort. Some seats even have in-built mobile-chargers on their sides.

Window covers

Sunlight often acts as a hindrance in enjoying the movies with low-lights if you have windows in your room. So, to avoid this issue, you can take some precautionary steps. For example, you can put some shades on the windows. Or you can use blockade curtains to block the incoming light.

5 must-haves in your home theater setup – Final Thoughts

Apart from these things, you can also get a soundproof system to avoid noise. And make sure to hide the clutter of the wires if you are not using wireless devices.

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